WWE WrestleMania 37: Night 2 Main Event, Full Card Details And Preview

Published 04/04/2021, 11:56 AM EDT

The Grandaddy of sports entertainment is coming back, and we can’t wait for it. The event will emanate on April 10-11, 2021, at Raymond James construction, Tampa, FL.


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Because of the COVID-19 scenario, fans will not fully occupy the stadium with only a small percentage allowed to enter on each night of the event. The hosts for the event will be Titus O’Neil and “WWE Hall of Famer” Hulk Hogan.

Night 2, April 11: Full Card Details & Preview For WrestleMania 37

#1 Riddle vs Sheamus || WWE United States Championship

Sheamus has not had the best of runs in the past few years, but his work ethic and professionalism, to put up with different gimmicks and storylines, definitely deserve a title.

Although “The Celtic Warrior” does deserve his moment in the spotlight, Riddle being the upcoming new generation star, will surely not give up his title easily.

#2 Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn || WrestleMania 37

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn is a mouthwatering encounter, especially looking at the journey they’ve traversed from Ring of Honor to NXT to the main roster, and they finally have a WrestleMania match.
It should be beautiful considering the history between the two. They’ve had great matches and great chemistry when they’ve been in the ring together and a WrestleMania match is just the perfect place for these two to finish off that rivalry.
The match itself will mean a lot to the two, and Owens vs Zyan could be the dark horse for “Match of the night.”

#3 Asuka vs Rhea Ripley || WWE Raw Women’s Championship

The RAW Women’s Championship with Asuka against Rhea Ripley is another delectable matchup. While some would argue that Ripley getting fast-tracked to WrestleMania is a bad thing, we cannot blame WWE, as the planned contenders for the title match have had unforeseen situations. One can argue that Ripley came second at Royal Rumble; thus, she should be in that position.

#4 Big E vs Apollo Crews || WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Intercontinental Championship matchup between Big E and Apollo Crews features two future WWE Champions. The finish of Fastlane wasn’t incredible, but you know that that was just to carry things over to WrestleMania. We can believe that these two will have a great match on “The Show of Shows”.

#5 The Fiend (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Randy Orton || WrestleMania 37

The feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend has been personal and brewing up for a long time. Many a time, with the supernatural stuff, not everything really connects with the audience, and it feels a little hokey in places.
However, this particular rivalry has been very personal and has been building since TLC. Alexa Bliss has made “The Viper“s life a living hell after him burning The Fiend alive on television. With the Fiend’s return at Fastlane, the story only got more intense, and we as fans cannot wait for the match to begin.

#5 Roman Reigns vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan || Triple Threat Match ||WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns versus Edge was great on paper and was the match the fans wanted to see, but we didn’t get the storyline we were expecting. Edge has gone back into his ultimate opportunist role, with “The Rated-R Superstar” snapping on the last couple of shows, using steel chairs on Reigns and Bryan.
Daniel Bryan has been included in this story since Elimination Chamber; in fact, he has taken a lot of the momentum away from Roman and Edge. However, it makes sense for Daniel Bryan to participate in this triple threat match, considering how hot he was.
Now, the beautiful part of the triple threat is that Roman can lose that championship without being pinned or submitted. This means we can have a title change and WWE keep Roman just as strong without him actually getting defeated.
This allows “The Big Dog” to do fresh things after WrestleMania, whether it’s chasing that championship again or maybe just having a storyline without the championship. It would be interesting to see how that dynamic would play out.
What are your thoughts about the matches? Comment down below and let us know!


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