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“You Fired Me But You Wanna Use My Pool”- Zack Ryder Reveals Weird Encounter With WWE

Published 06/06/2020, 4:43 AM EDT

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Zack Ryder was part of the massive talent release WWE did a month ago to save money for the coronavirus pandemic.

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Normally, you would expect a company to cut all ties with the person they just fired and would not ask that person to do any favors for you, but WWE isn’t a normal company.

They have broken norms and have been notoriously selfish in the business. With this reputation, it wouldn’t be a shock to find out that WWE asked a favor from Zack.


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They wanted to use his pool to shoot the Otis and Mandy Rose segment. Zack revealed this story when he appeared on the Major Wrestling Figure podcast.

Ryder revealed that the company approached his wife, current NXT Superstar Chelsea Green for the pool.

Here is what he said:

“I’m sitting by the pool with Chelsea and she has a weird look on her face, checking her phone, and I’m like, ‘Babe, what’s up?’ She’s like, ‘Someone from WWE asked me if Otis and Mandy Rose and a camera crew can come here to film a pool scene for SmackDown.’ I was shaking in anger. You fired me, but you wanna use my pool?”

Zack Ryder recalls his initial reaction

Curt Hawkins was also on the podcast and revealed that Ryder was the only man with a pool in Florida. The fact that WWE knows this did not flatter Zack.


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Zack was mad at the company for asking his wife and not him for permission. He was about to bury the company by revealing this information on Twitter but decided against it.


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He also recalled Miz and Morrison bringing Otis to his house. Zack thought that it would be a rib but in the end, The Long Island Iced-Z ended up loving the friendly Otis.

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In the end, WWE found another pool in Florida, and the need for Ryder’s pool ended.


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With this incident, it is difficult to think about Ryder returning to the company anytime soon. He would probably go on to the Indies now or even AEW while his wife performs her craft on NXT.




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