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WWE is gearing up for Fastlane next week. Since the PLE is nearby, they are putting themselves into the next gear with fascinating storylines. Continuing the trend on SmackDown this week in Sacramento, California, the billion-dollar company put on a magnificent spectacle. However, the drama came after the show went off air, courtesy of Seth Rollins.

In his usual sarcastic style, Rollins took a snarky jab at Roman Reigns, indirectly mocking him for not showing up on SmackDown and, perhaps, WWE in general.

Seth Rollins taunts Roman Reigns


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WWE treated the fans in attendance very well, with a dream match between Rollins and Intercontinental champion Gunther after SmackDown Live.

Although it was just a dark match, it was still enjoyable for fans to see the two workhorses put on an exhibition. Unfortunately, the Imperium interfered and stuck it to Rollins, causing a disqualification that marred the finish. 

After the solid match that fans thoroughly enjoyed, there was a post-match promo from Rollins that sparked a debate. In a video posted below by FADE, we see the 37-year-old dissing Roman Reigns by quoting in the promo: “You got yourself the Universal Champion”

This means he was poking at the Tribal Chief’s schedule and absence from WWE. While it’s said with a cheeky tone, there is still an air of truth to it, considering how many want Reigns to be a fighting champion. 

Reigns’ absence hurts WWE

The Head of the Table has caused a few heated debates on social media due to his absence from WWE. Though he has a flexible contract with the company and has definitely earned the privileges, it still raises questions from time to time, especially as other champions are competing daily.


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It has affected the company’s SmackDown ratings as well, with viewership going down as Reigns is arguably the biggest draw for them. Nonetheless, many expect him to return soon, as WWE can’t afford to not have him for their premium showing at Crown Jewel in November. 


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With him reportedly taking on AJ Styles at the PLE, it’ll be the perfect time for him to return to WWE soon to silence his critics. What do you think about Rollins taking a shot at Reigns?

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