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“You Little F****r”: Brock Lesnar Once Threatened to Kill One of His Opponents During His Early Days After an Unbelievable Incident

Published 08/29/2022, 1:45 PM EDT

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Brock Lesnar made his WWE in 2002 and had an early rise to success. Lesnar became the youngest WWE champion and was among the few who tasted success early. He was always deemed as ‘The Next Big Thing’ because of his size and intimidating nature.

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Lesnar began his career as an amateur wrestler, then became a pro-wrestler for WWE and other promotions from which he moved into MMA. After MMA, he again changed back into the WWE.


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During Lesnar’s debut, he delivered several powerbombs to Spike Dudley, leading to it becoming a memorable moment. Speaking on an interview with ‘Cards Subject To Change’, Spike Dudley opened up about Brock Lesnar. He claimed WWE used to work their big prospects on house shows before putting them up on the television. Dudley stated how, because of his size and physicality, he was easy to work with.

He said, “Well, because of my character, because of my size, I was easy to work with. I got a lot of these green guys to work opening match house shows. And one of the guys, I had to work with actually quite a bit was Brock Lesnar.” He continued, “Brock was a monster.I mean a physical powerhouse, just insane. And one of his good friends was Curt Henning, Mr.Perfect.”

Spike Dudley explained how both Brock Lesnar and Henning would always rib each other. He then stated how time both Dudley and Henning pulled a prank on Lesnar. It was during a house show, and Henning asked Dudley to pull a spot on Lesnar. The spot would include Lesnar leapfrogging and Dudley jumping on his back and beat him.

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The former member of Dudley Boyz stated, “So, we get in the match, he’s beating the sh*t outta me. Throws me off, he leapfrogs me, he drops down. The second he drops down, I pounce on his back, b*tch slap the Sh*t out of his head. Well, Brock was a crazy son of a b*tch. When I started slapping him in the head, he flipped out, threw me off his back. I mean he got up with fire in his eyes like I have never seen.” 

He then reveals how Brock started chasing him while they kept repeating the same spot of entering the ring and exiting it and after a few moments, Brock understood that he was getting ribbed.

Dudley explained, “I think he finally figured out that he was starting to get ribbed you know. There was like ‘Spike f**king got me.'” He continued how someone in the front had a sign stating ‘Brock is my b**h’, and he took that sign and ran around. He continued with how when all the commotion was over, he entered the ring, received an F-5 while Brock went, “You little f**ker! you got me.”


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Brock Lesnar set to return to WWE in 2023?

The Beast Incarnate has always been a top-draw for WWE. Regarded as one of the most popular superstars in WWE. Fans love to see him get inside the squared circle. Lesnar has always been a part-timer since his return almost a decade ago. Even after being so, he has many records to his name.


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As per latest reports and rumors, Lesnar might return next year in 2023. They have advertised him for two premium events in the coming year. Brock Lesnar is currently the only superstar to feature in the poster of the live event, Day 1. Lesnar is also featured for WrestleMania 39, which is said to take place in April 2023.


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