The most recent episode on WWE Monday Night RAW saw Triple H and Adam Pearce crown The Miz and R-Truth as the inaugural World Tag Team Champions. However, this wasn’t the only belt to make its debut. The design for the WWE Tag Team title belts was leaked online after the episode. Unfortunately, the belt design received a lot of negative reactions from the fans. Despite not being labeled as the ultimate design, fans did not take kindly to it.

The unveiling of the WWE World Tag Team titles resulted in a triple-threat tag team match. Winning the match was DIY, which will face the Awesome Truth for the titles.

The new WWE Tag Team titles design leaks online


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When it comes to the new age of WWE title belts, the company seems to have a 50-50 score. While some belts have garnered rave reviews, like the WWE Universal title, others invite vitriol. Credit it to the nostalgia of the WWE Universe for the older belts or the one-look design the WWE uses for the newer ones. Not every belt is accepted with arms wide open. This discourse again took center stage when the WWE unveiled the new World Tag Team title belts. However, while fans criticized the design of those belts, another design would allegedly leak online.

The design is very similar to all the WWE titles, with the ‘W’ logo in the middle and a golden circle around it. However, fans were not pleased to see this belt design and took to social media to vent their frustrations. The titles could make their debut in the upcoming episode of SmackDown or the next episode of RAW. As mentioned above, this could be the concept design and not the final product, but fans were not happy with it.


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Fans chastise new title belt design with a slew of negative comments

Needless to say, whether it was the concept or the final product, the wrestling community was not happy. While they did keep their composure regarding the World Tag Team belts, this one did not amass the same amount of luck. The following are the top reactions to the belt design.

The overall fan sentiment was negative, with many pointing out the lack of creativity behind the design.

Online forums were no different, where fans longed for the WWE to bring back the now iconic Attitude Era belt designs.

Many fans did not want to believe this was the title belt design or even concept design. Fans expect more from WWE.

They called out the WWE for replacing one poor design with another using rather colorful words. This has been a long-standing criticism of the title belts.

As mentioned above, the World Tag Team title belts did not receive as much hate as these did. While fans were not impressed, they were content with the new title belts.


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Many fans have compared the use of the golden circle to that of a pizza.


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What do you think of the new title belt design? Do you like it? Does it make you crave a pizza? Tell us in the comments.

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