Is Roman Reigns' return the boost WWE needs, or is it just more hype?

Fans’ love for Roman Reigns grows undoubtedly with each passing PLE as their hearts long for the return of The Tribal Chief. Probably due to kayfabe reasons, he doesn’t post much on his social media to keep from spoiling the ongoing storyline. The faction he has created has undergone a drastic shift in its dynamic and intent. So time is of the essence for The Tribal Chief to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

However, ever since the wrestler lost his father, he has been in the highlights because of fans’ prayers. This is also how we got the first look at him amidst return rumors.

First look at Roman Reigns amidst potential MITB return


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The Tribal Chief lost his father at the age of 79. Since then, fans have been offering their wishes and prayers to the Anoa’i family for their grave loss. Recently, a memorial service was held for the WWE Hall of Famer. This is when Roman Reigns was spotted again after a long time. Zilla Fatu recently uploaded an exclusive clip from the memorial service that was held for Sika Anoa’i. The event was most probably privately reserved for the Anoa’i family members as it was held inside a house. Fatu wrote on the Instagram story, “Love my family. We love you Unko Pola 🩸“.

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Roman Reigns appears to be telling a story to the family and friends present under the roof and he seems happy reminiscing about the memories. Nevertheless, he is also rumored to show up at Money in the Bank as The Bloodline engaged in a six-man tag match in the main event of the night.


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Fans are booking the Head of the Table to show up with his old Bloodline and take control of the new, barbaric one. So, it is the first look of him amidst these rumors. We can also see him wearing a new neckpiece that does not quite resemble the old one.

Roman Reigns had to get a new garland for himself

The Ula Fala that The Tribal Chief used to wear before his special matches is a special symbol in the Samoan culture. The neckpiece is made out of pandanus fruit after they are dried to reduce moisture and is painted red all over because it happens to be the color of royalty. This garland isn’t just reserved for the high chiefs but any host of a significant event can wear it. However, since Solo Sikoa now holds the title of the Tribal Chief in the Anoa’i clan, Reigns had to refrain himself from wearing a red Ula Fala at the funeral.


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Instead, he was spotted wearing a black neckpiece in an image that surfaced on the internet. Now, the video that Zilla Fatu posted on his story shows that he is also wearing an Ula Fala, but it is not colored red. This is probably because the Samoan wrestling family wished to stay in touch with the traditions and ceremonies while also respecting the storyline that fans are following in WWE.

Do you think Roman Reigns will be back at MITB in the main event to take back his garland?