Pro wrestlers are often known for their connection with different sports. While there are many sports that pro wrestlers were into before making it big inside the pro wrestling ring, one game common throughout is football. The most notable examples are Brock Lesnar and Dwayne Johnson. While The Rock’s football career was limited to just the ground, Lesnar’s football journey included an honorable mention in the 2006 Madden NFL video game.

However, Lesnar is not the only star featured in the NFL video game. Another WWE star, often compared to the Beast Incarnate also had his time as a playable Madden NFL video game character.

Brock Lesnar’s replacement was on the NFL roster


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The star we are referring to here is none other than one-half of the NXT’s Wolf Dogs, Bron Breakker. For those who are unaware, Breakker made an appearance in Madden NFL 21 which was released in 2020. He was a fullback for the Baltimore Ravens. This does come as a shocker to many of his fans as his football career is something many are not aware of.

Breakker, whose real name is Bronson Rechsteiner is a second-generation pro wrestler who happens to be the son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner. His father and uncle performed as a tag team under the name Steiner Brothers in various promotions including WWF, NJPW, ECW, and more. Talking about Breakker’s time in college, he was a very active individual.


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While studying criminal justice at Kennesaw State University, he played as a running back on the university’s football team. After he was done with his studies, he joined the NFL as a fullback for the Baltimore Ravens in April 2020. While he was released in just four months, it was enough to earn him a spot in the NFL Madden 21.

While he officially made his SmackDown debut on the 02/23 episode, many believe that he will have a career trajectory similar to that of Lesnar. Here’s why it might be possible.


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Is Bron Breakker the next Beast Incarnate?

The speculations started to rise after the NXT Deadline episode aired on December 9, 2023. In the episode, Breakker was seen in gorilla position before his match with Carmelo Hayes. Just when he was getting ready, Paul Heyman came to him and had a brief conversation with him. The second incident that made fans believe that Breakker is the next Beast Incarnate was that he was called in as a replacement for the former UFC star. There are reports that last-minute changes were made for the 2024 Royal Rumble and instead of Lesnar, WWE decided to call in Breakker.


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The third and final nail in the coffin was when he met with Heyman again. On the 02/09 episode of SmackDown, Breakker was seen meeting WWE’s COO, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque who then introduced him to Heyman. The Bloodline’s Wiseman greeted him with a smile. Now why Heyman is an important piece in this story because he had a huge role when it came to shaping Brock Lesnar’s WWE career. Could we consider the same for Bron Breakker? Let us know in the comments below.

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