The worlds of wrestling and football are more intertwined than you might believe. A lot of NFL stars join the wrestling industry at some point in their life. Also, just like Americans all over the country, a lot of wrestlers are known for their love of football. While others have their favorites, Becky Lynch has made it clear that she’s a Chicago Bears fan.

But in a recent photo the wrestler shared of her daughter, fans noticed the sign of another NFL team hanging on her wall. ‘The Man’, known for her quick retorts, responded to the observation with a subtle dig at the Green Bay Packers.

Becky Lynch takes a subtle dig at the Green Bay Packers


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When Becky Lynch posted a photo of her daughter dressed up as a doctor, fans gathered to share how adorable she looked. But there were some fans who noticed that a Green Bay Packers ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign was on the wall behind her. Soon after, Lynch posted another thread, pointing out that the sign is of her daughter’s clinic, as Packers fans are clearly sick.


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We can safely guess that the one she’s talking about is her husband. Seth Rollins, given that he also agreed to a diss at Packers’ Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, could be the one who told Lynch all Packers fans are sick.

Fans might also have noticed that Lynch’s daughter has been popping up in WWE. Even though Roux is only a toddler at the moment, wrestlers are not taking it easy on her.

Becky Lynch’s daughter’s involvement in WWE


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While still a toddler, Roux has already created quite the buzz in the locker room. People are taking jabs at the daughter of ‘The Man’ to get her mother riled up. Just last month, Trish Stratus called out the little girl on her inability to get colors. But her mother aptly snapped back at the legend, teaching her a lesson.

Roux came out on top in the end as Lynch posted a video soon after showing her daughter recall all the colors by name. While Stratus took jabs at the toddler to get her mother’s attention, others love the little girl. Liv Morgan once mentioned how Roux brought out another side of her while the toddler was backstage at WWE.


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Tell us what you think about Lynch’s clever snide about the NFL team in the comments below.

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