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“The New Goldberg”, “The Beast Is a Joke Now”: Fans Upset as Brock Lesnar Overcomes Cody Rhodes’ Inhuman Resiliency to Avenge Disastrous Backlash Defeat

Published 05/27/2023, 4:31 PM EDT

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After taking a brutal beating at Night of Champions Cody Rhodes lost against Brock Lesnar. The American Nightmare didn’t tap out to the Kimura Lock, and the referee had to call it off after he passed out. This surely made the former two-time Intercontinental Champion look strong despite the loss, but the fans aren’t happy with it.

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As the match started, Lesnar started to target the injured hand of Rhodes. However, the former three-time AEW TNT Champion used his injured hand’s plaster as a weapon, yet wasn’t able to keep The Beast down.

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Lesnar held Rhodes in the Kimura lock for nearly five minutes when combined both times. The American Nightmare passed out as Lesnar put his injured arm in a Kimura Lock for the second time. This equaled the score between Rhodes and Lesnar with one win each over each other, but the WWE Universe isn’t impressed with The Beast’s booking.

Fans show their disappointment over Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

When Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012 after retiring from the UFC, he was a Beast. However, after achieving so much in the company, he is being the veteran star who helps elevating the upcoming generation. Unfortunately, the wrestling world doesn’t seems to be liking this as this is not making him looking as The Beast he is.

Hence, after the match ended with Rhodes passing out to Kimura Lock, the WWE universe shared their disappointment towards Lesnar’s booking. Below are some of those reactions on Twitter.


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A few fans are over The American Nightmare and The Beast Incarnate’s feud!

Not impressed with Cody Rhodes getting beat up!

WWE Universe is not happy with Brock Lesnar’s position in the company.

What comes next for Rhodes and Lesnar will be known on the next weeks RAW episode. After the scores are 1-1, it seems there might be another match.

Lesnar vs Rhodes 3?


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The upcoming two PLEs for WWE are Money in the Bank from the UK and SummerSlam. Both are huge events for the company and Lesnar is a marquee star they will add on the card.

There might be a chance that WWE will book one more match between these two to end the feud. With the way match ended it doesn’t seems Lesnar was happy as Rhodes passed out, instead of tapping himself out of the Kimura Lock.


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What are your thoughts on the match and Lesnar’s booking? Do you think another match is in progress for them?Share your opinion below in the comments.

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