“90 Seconds In a Box”: WWE Announce Penalty Box and Point System Rules For an Upcoming Revolutionary Match, Leave Fans Divided

Published 11/16/2022, 9:30 AM EST

WWE is always ready to do something new for its fans. Similarly, on the recent episode of NXT, the WWE Universe got to hear a major announcement alongside the NXT Championship match and NXT Women’s Championship match.


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During the show, Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels announced a new type of match in WWE. The match type will make its debut at NXT Deadline next month.


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The ‘Heart Break Kid’ announced a new match that will determine the number one contender for the NXT Titles of men’s and women’s divisions. 

Michaels said, “NXT is a brand focusing on the development of the superstars of tomorrow, but also a brand focused on innovation. Saturday, December 10th on NXT Deadline, we’ll present to you a revolutionary new match never done before in WWE history, “The Iron Survivor Challenge”. 

Following making the announcement of “The Iron Survivor Challenge” Michaels went on to share the rules of the match. He said, “There will be two Iron Survivor Challenges at NXT Deadline – one for the men and one for the women. Five superstars will compete in this unique 25-minute match.” 

He added, “They’ll battle each other and the clock. Two superstars will start the match and every five minutes will enter until all five are in the ring. The goal of the match is to have the most falls till the clock is 25-minutes. Falls can happen anytime via pinfall, submission or disqualification. When a superstar earns a fall they’ve earned one point.”


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Furthermore, the Hall of Famer added, there is a penalty involved in this match. When a superstar will be pinned, he/she will “force out of the ring into the penalty box for 90 seconds.”


After 90 seconds are up that superstar can re-enter the match. However, the superstar who will score the most fall until the clock is 25 minutes will be made the Iron Survivor and the number one contender for the NXT Titles of men’s and women’s divisions.

Fans troll ‘The Iron Survivor Challenge’ that Shawn Michaels announced in WWE

The WWE Universe is always ready to see something new in WWE. Therefore, they were happy to hear the news but had some concerns about the match rules. They shared those on Twitter.

Fans do not love the 90 seconds rule.

Is this match already done in TNA?

The match is just Championship Scramble with the penalty rule, felt a social media user.

Pity for the last competitor to enter the match with pressure of scoring quick pinfalls.


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What are your thoughts about the match? Are you looking forward to the match at NXT Deadline? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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