Everything You Need to Know About WWE’s NXT EVOLVE

February 18, 2021 6:44 pm

Multiple sources have reported that WWE is starting another NXT show. The news first circulated when WWE purchased Evolve last year. Recently, we got some interesting updates on the situation.

Triple H teased a subsidiary of NXT a while back. Former Evolve bookers Gabe Sapolsky and Jeremy Borash are on board as creative consultants. The show will reportedly serve as a behind-the-scenes, as well as a launch-pad for superstars trying to make it to the NXT roster.

Recently, Fightful Select and Wrestling Observer Radio confirmed the name of the show will be NXT EVOLVE and the pilot episode is complete. The former reports that “the show had more of a ‘fight’ feel and took place at an Orlando warehouse.

NXT’s very own Josiah Williams was the new host, with suitable graphics and even a title belt already created with the NXT EVOLVE branding. There was no live commentary.

As they are trying to embark upon a new journey, having Gabe Sapolsky, the founder of EVOLVE, is definitely a tremendous advantage. Sapolsky is an NXT consultant since 2018. He recently tweeted“Everything is a team effort at NXT. Everything is fluid and fluctuates. My name doesn’t belong attached to anything like I’m running another independent promotion. Thank you.”

Nothing is confirmed or green-lit, so the show might change at any moment.

What to expect from NXT EVOLVE?

The black and gold brand started off as a developmental facility. Since then, a lot of things have changed. From a hilarious show, NXT made a name for itself under the guidance of Triple H, and even goes head-to-head with the main rosters and rival AEW on Wednesdays.

Now NXT works as an incubator for talents before they make the switch to the main roster. Hence, the developmental specter went to WWE Performance Center.

Interestingly, the October 2020 PC class was almost entirely composed of former Evolve talents. Hence the fans are likely to get an insight into the training process as well as the newer talents who might make it to NXT and eventually the main roster.

As we mentioned earlier, the new show will have more of a fight feel. We could also see a show similar to NXT Fight Pit or RAW Underground. It would also be interesting to see where WWE 205 Live will fit into this scenario.

What do you think of the NXT Evolve? Let us know in the comments below.

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