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Triple H Reacts to The Iconic Battle at NXT Great American Bash

Triple H Reacts to The Iconic Battle at NXT Great American Bash

The name which immediately comes to mind when talking about NXT Champions is Adam Cole. He held the title for 403 days which is the longest anyone has held onto it. He went head-to-head with Johnny Gargano to achieve the title and had been holding onto it since. NXT producer, Triple H, is one of those who is especially proud of Cole for this achievement.

WWE legend Triple H is extremely proud of Adam Cole

However, during NXT: Great American Bash, the match between Adam Cole and Keith Lee observed the end of Cole’s reign.

Following his defeat, WWE legend Triple H took to Twitter to express his appreciation and admiration for the young wrestler.

The fact that he held onto the title for over 400 days is an achievement in itself.

Not to forget the several wrestlers he continued to dominate within the ring. According to Triple H, Cole is just getting started even if the reign is over.

“There is a saying ‘it’s the talent that makes the title.’ During his 403 day reign over the black and gold brand Adam Cole MADE the NXT championship, THE championship. That reign might be over but he’s just getting started. Adam Cole IS #WWENXT and that…is #Undisputed. #NXTGAB”.

There is no doubt that Cole will continue to put up a brilliant performance inside the ring.

In fact, for a wrestler to hold onto a title for over a year is not an easy task. Whether another wrestler or even the current champion will be able to do it is doubtful.

Keith Lee

On the other hand, Keith Lee is now going to be under the spotlight for a while.

His athletic skills have already made him the talk of the town, but this victory has just propelled him to the next level.

Right now for Lee, the sky is the limit. Only time will tell how long he can hold onto his reign as the NXT champion.

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