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“Shame on You”- Beth Phoenix Rips Apart Pat McAfee After on-air Breakdown

“Shame on You”- Beth Phoenix Rips Apart Pat McAfee After on-air Breakdown

The entire WWE Universe was shocked when Pat McAfee punt kicked the head off Adam Cole’s skull on the latest episode of WWE NXT. However, the build up to this spot was equally engaging.

Everyone thought that McAfee was out for a little chat when he joined the commentary table. The former Indianapolis Colts punter was at his trash-talking best.

He continued to berate Cole and his achievements in NXT. Moreover, he compared him with an elf, clearly hitting below the belt.

At one point in the match, Beth Phoenix had had enough with McAfee. She clearly wasn’t happy with his disparaging remarks towards Cole.

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As a result, the WWE legend decided to leave the commentary table. Phoenix explained her actions later on Twitter.

Beth Phoenix explains why she got frustrated with Pat McAfee

Beth Phoenix explained that what we see on-air was just the surface of what Pat McAfee said about Adam Cole. He had already been on a rant about the former NXT Champion backstage.

It’s clear that WWE will make this the main storyline on NXT in the next few weeks. This is not the first NFL player to appear in a WWE ring in the recent past, with Rob Gronkowski already trying it out.

If experience is anything to go by, celebrities don’t really make for a good wrestling match. However, they do bring in the required attention.

Up till this point, NXT has prided itself upon being the brand where the real wrestling takes place. However, with AEW destroying it in the weekly ratings war, it seems like Triple H and Shawn Michaels have finally conceded on principles.

With NFL being a phenomenon in the USA, the presence of Pat McAfee will surely lead to those extra viewers tuning in. Already, a section of the fans are complaining that Adam Cole could be used in a much better way.

However, I personally feel that we can cut NXT snd Triple H some slack based on the riveting wrestling action they’ve given us in the past few years. They deserve to take the hated road once in a while, if it means they can Trump their competition.

Knowing the stellar booking of the black and gold brand, they might just make this storyline entertaining.

SOURCE: Beth Phoenix Twitter

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