WWE NXT Results: Undisputed Era Returns, Insane Street Fight For The Tag Team Championship

Published 12/24/2020, 12:01 AM EST

After winning the NXT North American Championship for the third time at NXT WarGames, Johnny Gargano is obviously in a good mood. Hence, WWE termed its Christmas special NXT in honor of its reputed champion.


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However, apart from the “A Very Gargano Christmas” edition, this week’s NXT had some good matches to offer.

Street Fight for the WWE NXT Tag Team Titles:  Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch (C) defeat Killian Dain and Drake Maverick


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This week’s NXT opened with a title defense. The challengers Dain and Maverick wasted no time in proving their dominance. They attacked the champions at the entrance itself.

Maverick and Dain had the advantage in the beginning as they brawled with the champs all over and outside the ring. Maverick pinned Lorcan for a close two count after rounds of double teaming.

However, the champs soon gained back their footing in the match. All four men brawled outside the ring.

Lorcan tried to suplex Dain into the leaning table. Dain charged but Lorcan moved away and Dain crashed into the table.

After the opening, the champs slowly gained dominance over the challengers. Lorcan and Burch used Drake’s own belt on him.

Dain and Drake both tried to come through, but ultimately a cricket bat shot to the ribs of Drake followed by a DDT helped the champs retain their titles.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Jake Atlas on WWE NXT

The match was set to fix some of the bad blood between Atlas and Swerve. Both men started with a ‘war of words’ before Atlas struck Swerve. Both men gained control over time.

Towards the end, Swerve did an amazing act. Atlas climbed to the top rope and launched Swerve to the mat with scissors but Swerve somehow landed on his feet, intact.

After this, Swerve hit the Confidence Boost to win the match.

Rhea Ripley defeated Dakota Kai on WWE NXT

In this match, Raquel Gonzalez was banned from the ringside. Ripley and Kai started with some trash talking as Ripley initially had the advantage. However, Kai tried to work Ripley’s arm throughout the match.

As the two women fought each other equally well, Raquel appeared and watched the match from the ramp. To prove herself, Ripley applied an inverted Cloverleaf submission to Kai.

Ripley eventually won the match after a Riptide in the middle of the ring for the pin to win while looking at Gonzalez.

Bronson Reed defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis

It was a squash match to celebrate Reed’s return. After a few minutes into the match, Reed hit the big Tsunami Splash for the pin to get the win over Ashante.

Leon Ruff defeated Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher was definitely enraged. Thatcher dominated his opponent for the first half of the match with kicks and suplexes. However, Ruff eventually picked up the win with a roll-up despite being attacked throughout the match.

Tyler Rust defeated Ariya Daivari

WWE 205 Live Superstar Ariya Daivari waited in the ring as Tyler Rust came out with Malcolm Bivens. Rust dominated Daivari throughout the match as Bivens sang his praises.

Rust spun Daivari on his shoulders but Daivari tried to fight it off. Daivari hit the neck breaker from the second rope. After some trash talk, Rust applied various submission holds. Finally, Daivari tapped out to an arm submission.

Adam Cole defeated The Velveteen Dream

For the main event of the Christmas special WWE NXT, Cole took on Velveteen Dream. After some stalling, Dream started the match. Cole immediately put him into a headlock. After a small opening for Dream, Cole again beat him down with a kick and a clothesline.

After a head-to-head collision, both men recovered in the ring. Pete Dunne, in the meantime, ran down and attacked Roderick Strong at the ringside. Dream took advantage of the situation and tried to pin Cole for a close two count.


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After a superkick to the gut, Dream was almost counted out but made it back in time. After some submission moves and an Ushigoroshi, Cole picked up the win with the Last Shot in the middle of the ring.

Cole announced after the match that the NXT Title will be back with the Undisputed era at New Year’s Evil.


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Despite a plethora of matches, NXT had segments with the Gargano Family aka The Way, some major confrontations, and announcements. Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s NXT in the comments below.


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