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WWE Universe Explodes After Pat McAfee Lays Out Adam Cole on WWE NXT

WWE Universe Explodes After Pat McAfee Lays Out Adam Cole on WWE NXT

Well, it was a bummer for those who thought that Pat McAfee and Adam Cole had legit beef. Nevertheless, the plot thickened between the two on the latest episode of WWE NXT.

With some viewers around the world complaining of the broadcast issues tonight, they surely missed one of the most heated segments in NXT history. Years later, when they are showing the top most shocking moments in not just NXT but WWE, this will be right at the top.

Tonight, McAfee delivered a brutal punt kick to an Adam Cole restrained by security. Cole, on his part, sold it like a pro by lying lifeless on the ground. If that’s not enough controversy for you, Triple H and Shawn Michaels came out to stop the carnage.

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Notably, The Game had tried to play peacemaker between the two after they had a confrontation on The Pat McAfee show. Before tonight’s episode, the two had shared images where they were seen in a friendly mode.

Surprisingly, they claimed that they had put their differences aside.

However, during the NXT main event tonight between The Imperium and The Undisputed Era, McAfee joined the commentary table. He wasted no time in berating and insulting Cole.

It got so heated that Beth Phoenix had to leave the commentary table. Cole had had enough and he threw water at McAfee. Soon after, a brawl emsued and WWE officials including Shawn Michaels and Triple H had to intervene.

Taking advantage of the commotion, McAfee landed a brutal punt kick on Cole’s head.

Twitter divided over the storyline between Pat McAfee and Adam Cole

A lot of people liked how the WWE tried to blur the lines between reality and fiction in this storyline. However, many others weren’t satisfied.

They felt that a star with the caliber of Adam Cole shouldn’t be fighting a football player. There’s a wealth of talent on both NXT and the main roster who’d benefit a lot by working with him.

SOURCE: Pat McAfee Twitter

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