WATCH: Pat McAfee Burns the House Down in NXT With an Insane Promo

Published 08/20/2020, 1:08 PM EDT

Adam Cole and Pat McAfee have made their promises and sent their warning threats. Building up to NXT Takeover: XXX, the two Superstars are preparing for their match, which is now personal.


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Both superstars walked down to the ring with a good amount of backup. Cole came with The Undisputed Era while McAfee had four of his friends to beef up his security.

Both Superstars would engage in a heated verbal battle. McAfee took multiple shots at Adam Cole and promised to defeat him in his own backyard.


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The two were about to brawl when security stopped them. All the security would then get super kicked by Adam Cole. The former NXT champ would then walk up, look eye-to-eye at McAfee and promise to make the former NFL player his B****.

Post the show, both the Superstars took to Twitter to send their final message to each other before they go to war at NXT Takeover: XXX. Adam Cole would tweet earlier promising to make McAfee his B****.

Hey Mr. “Next Level”…I’ll see you Saturday at #TakeOverXXX

Sincerely, the guy who is going to make you his b*tch…#AdamColeBayBay

— Adam Cole (@AdamColePro) August 20, 2020

A few moments later, Pat McAfee tweeted his final words before Takeover. The Punter of the Decade has prosmised that there is another a** beating” on its way at NXT TakeOver: XXX”

I ain’t worried about a damn thing.. @AdamColePro was LUCKY those security guards came into the ring when they did tonight.. obviously.

Just checked the doppler, ANOTHER ass beating is on it’s way this Saturday BAYBAY #FightWeek #WWENXT

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) August 20, 2020

Triple H confirms Adam Cole vs Pat McAfee is not a one-off

On the NXT Takeover Conference Call, the king of kings hyped up McAfee. Triple H promised that this match won’t be a one-off.

Triple H revealed that McAfee will surprise a lot of people at NXT Takeover: XXX. The Game also revealed that Cole is the perfect person to help McAfee shock the NXT Universe.

Here is what Triple H had to say.

“This is not a one-off, this is Pat McAfee showing the world why he wants to be in this and why he wants to do it. There’ no better person for him to be in that ring with than Adam Cole and I think they’re gonna shock a lot of people.”

Indeed, Pat McAfee can surprise all of us at NXT Takeover: XXX. The former NFL player is working out hard and putting in his hours of work, perfecting his in-ring skills. Check out McAfee’s preparation in the link below.


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As for Adam Cole, the squared circle is his bread and butter. He has been doing this since forever. The odds are heavily on Adam Cole but as Triple H said, we can expect a surprise from Pat McAfee.


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NXT Takeover: XXX streams live this Saturday August 22nd on the WWE Network.



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