“God That Sounded Just Horrible”: Fans Send Prayers to Cody Rhodes After Being Brutally Whipped by Seth Rollins on RAW

Published 05/24/2022, 2:52 AM EDT

The saga of battle between ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins continues to shine in WWE. Unfortunately, Seth Rollins doesn’t seem to acknowledge his defeat against Cody Rhodes twice in a row. 

Rollins challenged ‘The American Nightmare’ at WrestleMania Backlash premium live event to prove his own hypothesis. However, Rhodes had the last laugh at Rollins in two back-to-back wins. After the dual loss at the hands of Cody Rhodes, ‘The Architect’, Seth Rollins lost his patience.



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However, the two men will face each at Hell in a Cell premium live event this time. During the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth “Freakin” Rollins crossed the line where his patience couldn’t get the better of him.

WWE fans react to the impatient act of Seth Rollins over Cody Rhodes!

On the latest Raw episode, Rhodes crossed paths with two-time Grand Slam Champion, The Miz. The match was interesting, as both WWE superstars showcased stellar performances. Although, ‘The Architect’ interfered and blindsided Cody Rhodes, Rollins did not stop here!

The enraged avatar of Seth Rollins was inevitable as he snatched Rhodes’ ‘American Nightmare’ white belt from a kid sitting in the audience. In fact, Rhodes was the one to gift this kid his white belt when he entered the ring.

As Rhodes was recovering from a bump on the steel ladders, Seth Rollins viciously slammed ‘The American Nightmare’ with his own white belt. Naturally, the WWE Universe couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their views on Rollins’ heinous act.

Former AEW star Rhodes took the chop of his ‘American Nightmare’ belt pretty hard on his back. But wrestling fans couldn’t help but notice that Rhodes had already taken shots on his back when he wrestled in AEW.

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In addition, ‘The American Nightmare’ received hard shots from a baseball bat at the hands of AEW star MJF.

Meanwhile, some WWE fans aren’t happy with Seth Rollins’ unnecessary act. First, he snatched the belt from the kid, and second, he chopped Rhodes with the same belt.

An unforgettable gesture by The American Nightmare

The WWE Universe heard the sound and the intensity of chop that Rollins delivered to ‘The American Nightmare.’ It was horrible! However, Seth Rollins, after one chop, returned backstage as he wanted to save himself for a Hell in a Cell match against Rhodes.


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Later, ‘The American Nightmare’ took his time to recover from the assault by Rollins. The moment when Rhodes stood up, the whole WWE Universe had a massive pop for him. Rhodes carried the ‘American Nightmare’ white belt and walked backstage.

However, Rhodes stopped by the ringside, and on his way return to the locker room, he again gave the belt to the same kid. This was a massive gesture by ‘The American Nightmare,’ which may have made the day of that small kid.


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Finally, Cody Rhodes is sick and tired of Rollins’ mind games. After a massive attack by Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Rhodes is looking forward to ending the chapter of Rollins vs. Rhodes at Hell in a Cell for the one last time.



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