Leader of Retribution Mustafa Ali Voices his Frustration with WWE

October 8, 2020 8:03 am

WWE faction Retribution has become one of the topmost entities in the company in the past few months. Ever since the revelation that Mustafa Ali is the faction’s leader, more fans are showing interest in the storyline.

To put everyone’s mind at ease about the faction, Mustafa Ali made an announcement on Twitter. According to him, there is no reason why a faction like Retribution should not exist.

Not only that, he shared a couple of images of Retribution members.

One picture showed T-Bar (then known as Dominik Dijakovic) in the ring, right after Karrion Kross attacked him. Another features Shane Thorne with MVP before he became Slapjack. There is another featuring Mustafa Ali himself at Money in the Bank. This is right before Brock Lesnar made an unannounced appearance.

Mustafa Ali is trying to show that Retribution exists to put an end to the tyranny that exists within WWE. His comrade, Slapjack, also agrees that Retribution is a necessity in the current circumstances.

Mustafa Ali shocked the WWE Universe on Monday Night Raw

Mustafa Ali revealed himself as the leader of Retribution on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. Initially, the only plan was to have him battle MVP. However, when Retribution’s members intervened, The Hurt Business asked Ali to fight with them and not against.

Instead, Ali went off to face the members all by himself. The Hurt Business was quite impressed with him, but this lasted only for a brief moment. As he turned around to reveal himself as the leader of the faction, their admiration change to shock.

In all honesty, there were speculations that Ali had something to do with the faction. Unfortunately, nobody had any concrete proof as evidence, and eventually, this notion was dropped.

Nevertheless, this new role within the terrifying WWE faction can be an opportunity for him to explore an entirely new side of his character. There is no doubt he is a talented Superstar and a fan favorite. Hence, revealing a different character trait might just work out in his favor.

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