Backstage Reports: Referee Makes a Huge Mistake During a Championship Match on WWE Raw

November 25, 2020 5:00 pm

This past week on Raw, The New Day defended their Raw tag team championships against The Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Unfortunately, this game had a lot of botches and didn’t live up to expectations.

The match ended as Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin both got counted out. MVP then asked for a rematch, and Mr. 305 got his wish.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, well-known journalist Bryan Alvarez revealed the count out part of the match was a botch. Kingston originally was supposed to be counted out and not Shelton Benjamin.

Alvarez also realized that New Day, for an unknown reason, acted quite heel on RAW. The plan was for The Hurt Business to win via count-out. He revealed,

“I was told that the finish of the match was supposed to be that the Hurt Business would win via count-out, but they are supposed to call it like a shoot and they didn’t get in the ring fast enough and so the referee called it a double count-out. Then The New Day, for some weird reason, they were all heelish last night. They start backing up the ramp celebrating that they defended the titles via double count-out, and MVP the heel cuts the promo saying, ‘the fans don’t want to see this, you’re not gonna take that, are you? Get back in this ring, and let’s restart it.’ So yes, it was a botch, but it wasn’t like a big time botch. It was just one guy who didn’t get back in, so instead of a normal count out, it was a double count-out.”

Is this the beginning of the end for the New Day?

After strange interactions between Kingston and Woods on Raw. It looks like the company is teasing a break-up of the New Day. The first part of the breakup happened when Big E remained on SmackDown while the other two members came to Raw.

This week on Raw there were some small hints that the group will disband. Woods and Kingston lost to The Street Profits on Sunday and decided to take the night off on Monday. However, little banter from MVP forced Woods to give Hurt Business a title shot.

Kingston questioned Wood’s decision after Hurt Business walked away. There is going to be increasing friction between the Raw Tag Team Champions.

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