WWE RAW Sees a Massive Tag Team Reunion

August 4, 2020 8:16 am

Tonight’s edition of WWE Raw will be remembered for a lot of things. Depending on how the future plays out, one of them might be the reunion of a famed group.

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan finally sorted out their differences to reform the Riott Squad. It might not be the biggest talking point coming out of Monday Night Raw, but it certainly signifies an effort from the creative team to create compelling stories even in ancilliary feuds.

Believe it or not, it was Kevin Owens who played the arbiter between the two fighting friends. To be honest, Owens himself has a poor record when it comes to valuing friendships.

Interestingly, that’s what he used in his quest to reunite the two on the Kevin Owens Show. Owens explained how he has not been the best person when it comes to maintaining relationships.

He always gave primacy to his career, which is something he now regrets. Even then, Morgan looked reluctant to reignite the Riott Squad.

That’s where the Iconics played a helping hand. The ever-annoying tag team decided that it was a good idea to come out and deride Riott and Morgan.

After some back and forth, both of the Iconics slapped Owens across his face. The Prizefighter asked Morgan and Riott for help, who happily obliged. Thus, The Riott Squad was back in business.

An impromptu match was set up between the two teams which the Riott Squad won after a roll up pin by Liv Morgan.

WWE did a brilliant job at building this up

You have to give it up for Kevin Owens. Even though he isn’t being given a proper story to play with, he makes the best out of whatever is at hand.

During this segment, his promo about his terrible record at friendships had the viewers immediately invested. That really helped in making people care about The Riott Squad reunion, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

What’s even better was that there was a common thread running through the show. In his conversation backstage with Ric Flair, Owens extended his promo saying that he wanted to reimagine his role in the locker room.

Now, he wanted to be someone that the new guys can come to for advise. Not like Randy Orton who was completely unapproachable.

Hence, it added further legitimacy to Drew McIntyre‘s passionate promo calling out Orton for his arrogance.

In the best way possible, a match has been set for next week between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all in for this style of storytelling. It helps to have a purpose and story behind every match. That makes the viewers log in week after week to know what happens next.

Ultimately, that translates to better ratings. Just by some committed writing, the creative has us pumped up for both the Riott Squad and the McIntyre-Orton-Owens saga.



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