“You Ok Randy?” – Alexa Bliss Teases Randy Orton After Sinister Segment on RAW

February 23, 2021 10:56 am

The entire WWE Universe knows that The Fiend’s return is only a matter of time. Tonight on RAW (02/22/21), Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss proved it once again.

Whenever Orton talks about how he set the Fiend on fire at TLC, something horrible happens. Tonight was no different as “The Viper” started coughing up black blood-like liquid during a backstage promo (more on this later).

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He was already “distracted” with Alexa Bliss and her continuous teasers about the rebirth of Fiend. After tonight, Orton was shocked to his core and rushed to the back.

Following the gruesome blood bath, Alexa Bliss took to Twitter and teased Orton. Although Bliss was not physically present during the accident, fans are sure she had something to do with it.

Bliss also coughed up a similar substance during a match between Orton and Edge a few weeks ago on RAW. Moreover, Bliss continued to sport black and goth-themed attire during her “possessed” Bliss mode.

What did Randy Orton proclaim about Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW?

Following a shocking loss at the Elimination Chamber, Orton cut a promo on Tonight’s RAW about failure. He said that he was not quite familiar with the word until recently.

At Elimination Chamber, Orton was the first man to be eliminated from the match. However, he claimed that it was because he was distracted. And whenever he gets distracted, he takes care of it as he did with The Fiend.

Orton assured the fans that the “eater of the worlds” is not coming back, “although some like to think he is coming back.” Yet, he is “in limbo,” and unable to focus on the WWE title.

“I’m still distracted, but I’m not distracted by the friend. I’m distracted by Alexa Bliss.”

As soon as he uttered Bliss’ name, the black liquid spluttered out of his mouth. See the whole segment below –

There was a lot of speculation that The Fiend will re-emerge from the Hellish Elimination Chamber, but he didn’t. We recently deciphered why and it made a lot of sense.

What did you think of tonight’s sinister segment? Let us know in the comments below.

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