Big E Recalls Hilarious Incident With Former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

November 30, 2020 8:29 pm

Former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is expecting her first child with Seth Rollins. She is out of in-ring action since WrestleMania, but that does not mean her fans or colleagues forget her.

In the latest episode of  The New Day: Feel the Power podcast, Xavier Woods and Big E spoke about their foreign tour days. Before covid, WWE had multiple live shows and programming overseas. Big E and Woods recalled some funny incident with ‘The Man‘ during a WWE tour.

Big E recalled, “I don’t eat as much cheese as I used to; I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love melted cheese – I’m trying to cut back. Anyways, I think it’s because – I’ve been to a couple of vegan spots with Becks (Becky Lynch), and I think we were having a conversation about vegan or something.”

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“I pulled up this very non-vegan food and that it was that exact cheeseburger with the macaroni and cheese and said, ‘look at this beautiful picture, if this picture existed and were blown up, I’d put it on my wall,’ something like that. And lo-and-behold, like a few weeks later, I get this picture in the mail,” E laughed with Woods and guest Tyler Breeze.

When the former Tag Team champion texted Lynch to ask if she did it all, “and she just laughed her a*s off. It was the funniest thing in the world because I said I’d put it up on the wall. That’s very much her sense of humor, that’s very her.”(h/t sportskeeda)

Xavier Woods also recalled how Lynch gifted a puzzle of a postcard to him.

Lynch and Rollins are expecting their first child in December. After delivery and recovery, Lynch is eager to come back to the ring.

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