Bizzarre! Nikki A.S.H Emerges Victorious in the Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder Match

Published 07/18/2021, 8:47 PM EDT

WWE Money in the Bank started with the Women’s Ladder match in front of the WWE Universe. Natalya, Tamina, Alexa Bliss, Nikki A.S.H, Asuka, Naomi, Liv Morgan, and Zelina Vega fought for the coveted briefcase/contract.


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Alexa was the first to make her entry with a new ring gear reminiscent of her MITB winning gear of 2018. One by one, the others also made their way into the ring as the vignettes aired about past winners.

As the bells rang, everyone (except Bliss) went outside to pick a ladder from the ringside. It seemed she was using her ‘powers’ to bring down the briefcase, but Asuka stopped her and every woman came back to the ring and attacked the other.


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Tamina then slammed Bliss onto the ladder. As she set the ladder, Liv Morgan tried to frantically climb it, but Tamina and Zelina Vega stopped her.

Then, Asuka went head-to-head with Tamina. The Empress of Tomorrow tried to climb up the ladder, but Tamina almost threw her off. Morgan came back again to climb the ladder.

This time, Natalya came back to stop her. She, Morgan, and Naomi maneuvered the ladder to attack Asuka, Nikki, and Tamina. A brawl broke outside the ring, with Natalya and Morgan still inside.

In an interesting turn, Bliss came back and climbed the ladder after taking out the two women in the ring. As she was on top of the ladder, Zelina Vega climbed up. Bliss seemingly hypnotized Vega and almost won the match before Natalya stopped her.

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The Crowd applauds the women as Nikki A.S.H. wins the MITB ladder match

Another brawl broke out shortly. The Queen of Harts again climbed the ladder, but Zelina Vega climbed on top of her while applying a chokehold.

Natalya grasped the briefcase but almost passed out due to Vega. The latter almost won the match, but Liv Morgan stopped both women. The crowd cheered the women with thunderous applause.

Following this, every woman brawled in the ring, and Nikki A.S.H. splashed on them from outside the ring. Nikki now climbed the ladder, but Bliss came back again with a hard slam.

Natalya and Tamina stopped her and the other women ‘buried’ her under ladders at the ringside. After a brief attempt by Liv, Natalya and Tamina stopped and set up their own ladder. A third ladder was put in by Asuka and Naomi.


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Six women fought on the three ladders in the ring. Meanwhile, Nikki A.S.H climbed on the middle ladder and dodged everyone to unhook the briefcase.

Nikki A.S.H. became the new Ms. Money in the Bank as other opponents stared in disbelief. This is her second accolade in WWE after the Tag Team titles.


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