Adam Pearce Makes His WWE In-Ring Debut on SmackDown Against Roman Reigns

January 23, 2021 9:24 am

Paul Heyman is known for his mic skills and diplomacy in WWE. However, he got himself into a bit of trouble with NWA Hall of Famer and WWE Official Adam Pearce this week on SmackDown (22.1.21).

Heyman made his way to the ring with his “client” Roman Reigns for the opening segment. As the ‘Tribal Chief’ berated and insulted Adam Pearce, Heyman enjoyed every second of it.

After his confrontation with Roman Reigns, the 5-time NWA Champion turned his attention to Heyman. Pearce said he would take all the intimidation from Reigns but he would not tolerate Heyman making fun of him.

Reigns told his advocate that Pearce was not only insulting Heyman but also Reigns and his reputed Anoa’i Family. Heyman then snapped and ranted about his history with Reigns and his family.

Heyman has known the Anoa’i Family since he was 15 years old. Although he may not be a fighter, he is a diplomat and challenged Pearce to a one-on-one match.

He revealed a verbal agreement was valid in Florida and Pearce accepted the agreement. Reigns was amazed and said Pearce was going to get hurt.

Later in the night, Heyman said he understood Reigns’ plan to trap Pearce. However, Reigns revealed he had no such plans and wanted Heyman to beat down Pearce “verbally.”

However, now that Heyman was in the match, he had to win to represent Reigns. Paul looked shocked as he understood the severity of his actions. Reigns then picked his title and left the building.

Paul Heyman tricks Adam Pearce in the main event

In the main event, Adam Pearce was ready for his WWE in-ring debut. Heyman, too, made his way to the ring in his suit, as the commentators feared that something bad was about to go down.

However, on his way, right outside the ropes, Heyman ‘hurt’ his knee and collapsed. As Pearce looked at him in disgrace, Heyman untaped his hands and revealed ‘the card is subject to change’, echoing Pearce from last week.

Roman Reigns then made his way into the ring and beat down Pearce. However, Kevin Owens sneaked past the security and Reigns as a ‘sneak peek’ of their ‘Last Man Standing’ match next Sunday at Royal Rumble 2021.

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Angana Roy

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