Alexa Bliss Reunites with The Fiend to Trick Kevin Owens Into a Brutal Assault

Published 10/02/2020, 9:44 PM EDT

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After weeks of build-up, Alexa Bliss has finally transcended into the other world. On this week’s SmackDown, the Goddess reunited with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Unfortunately, Kevin Owens dealt with the aftermath of this “reunion.”

To celebrate the upcoming brand draft, Raw’s Kevin Owens came to SmackDown to “interview” Alexa Bliss on the Kevin Owens Show. He was excited to host Bliss as it served some of his own interests as well.


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Owens started off by saying he’d been noticing Bliss on SmackDown and he had so many questions about Bliss’ “change”. He brought up her shift in attitude and said it reminded him of what he saw in his nemesis on RAW, Aleister Black.

Alexa feigned ignorance but was soon caught up by Owens. He pointed out that Alexa was not the same cheerful girl from five years ago. However, Alexa taunted him by saying, “people change, you should try it sometimes.

Owens retaliated by saying that he needed to understand this darkness that was engulfing her. He hoped that if he could understand Bliss, maybe he could understand Black as well.

Bliss then went into a kind of trance as she said people fear what they don’t understand. She explained what she feels when she is near The Fiend.

“It’s fearful and captivating at the same time. Your spine goes cold, your body goes numb when he touches you, it’s like pins and needles, it’s like he’s looking right through you when he looks in your eyes, and you can’t look away.”

Alexa Bliss tricks Kevin Owens

Owens said Alexa was brainwashed, to which she happily agreed – “Yes, My brain has been washed. All the lies have been washed away and now I see the truth. I’ve been cleansed by him.”

Owens then quickly realized that The Fiend was near them. Suddenly, Alexa Bliss told Owens to “let him in.” The lights started flickering as The Fiend appeared amidst the darkness.


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He choked Owens out with the Mandible Claw as the latter screamed in agony and a menacing noise encircled the arena.

Alexa Bliss sat still throughout the attack. As it got over, The Fiend approached Bliss, staring daggers at her. Bliss slowly got up from her chair while The Fiend took her hand. Consequently, she looked at the crowd and smiled.


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We are glad to see Alexa Bliss finally reunited with The Fiend. What did you think of the segment? Let us know in the comments below.


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