“Are You Watching Roman?” – Kevin Owens Makes A Bold Statement on WWE SmackDown

November 28, 2020 9:58 am

Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens was frustrated with the Samoan family drama on WWE SmackDown. He wanted to settle the scores once and for all.

Owens faced Jey Uso in the main event of SmackDown. Earlier in the night, Owens saved Daniel Bryan from Jey Uso’s attack. Post that, he went to Roman Reigns and declared that he “treats his family like cr*p.”

Reigns felt the need to teach Owens a lesson, and Heyman secured the match with Adam Pearce. Heyman and Reigns watched the match from backstage as Uso and Owens fought.

Both men tried to gain the upper hand with their own set of moves. There were some close counts as well. However, Uso didn’t want to win the match as he brought out a steel chair.

Kevin Owens had enough of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

The referee called off the match as Uso hit Owens with the chair. We would have seen a repetition of the earlier assaults, but KO fought against it.

Uso tried to assault Kevin on the announce table but got hit with a stunner instead. Owens tossed Uso over the announce table as he hit him with a steel chair.

Owens started yelling at the camera, taunting Reigns and talking trash about how he feared no one. Owens told Reigns to confront him man to man. He cleared off the announce table and stood on top of it, yelling at Reigns “to come and find him.”

Owens ran back to the ring and taunted Reigns some more. He finished it off with a stunner to Uso, saying, “this is all for Reigns’ family.”

Owens went back to the announce table and sat at the head of it, taunting Reigns and asking where he was now. Reigns watched from the back as Owens provoked him some more with “are you watching Roman?”

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