Baron Corbin Reveals Chilling Real-Life Ghost Encounters

October 31, 2020 5:30 pm

It is the scariest time of the year with Halloween upon us. The question of whether ghosts are real or not will always be there, but those who believe in them will always do. WWE’s very own “King” Baron Corbin shared his experience with the supernatural.

On the latest episode of Notsam Wrestling, Corbin revealed not one but two ghastly experiences. One of them being in his college dormitory, and the other was in his grandmother’s house. Corbin said the latter was more terrifying.

Corbin is a former professional football player and went to the Northwest Missouri State University in 2007. His first ghost story was in his house. There was a woman who lived in the house before Corbin, and his roommates moved in.

“We would hear her laughing, kind of just weird stuff, but it was never scary. Lights would go on and off. We called it a ghost room that nobody lived in, but it was attached. There was a mutual door with my room and the ghost room.”

Corbin said he lived in a super old house, but the ghost never bothered him if he kept the door closed. Otherwise, he could feel her presence with him. Corbin had almost 20 experiences with the entity.

He spoke about how every one of his three roommates had encounters with the lady. He recalled how one of his roommates spent the night talking to the ghost!

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Baron Corbin got spooked in his grandmother’s house

Although the first experience was not scary, and it became a regular occurrence, Corbin spoke about how he really freaked out with a ghost.

In his second experience, he reflected on the time he saw a man in his grandmother’s house. It was a pretty big house, and he was alone there. His grandparents were in Arizona, and he went to their house to check if everything was alright.

“I run in, and it’s kind of chilly in here. I’m doing the whole… just going around the whole house to check everything,” he said. “I’m upstairs in their room, and I look over my left into the bathroom, and they have like this two-part bathroom.

“I saw a dude standing there. But it was like right below the knees to his head, and he was wearing a gray suit. You know if you have a smudge on film? That’s what he looked like.”

He described the entity as a “half-transparent smudge in the air.” He got a weird feeling and rubbed his eyes, and it was gone. Hence, he shook the experience off and went downstairs.

When he tried to leave the bedroom to the loft, the entity appeared again. The experience was so terrifying that Corbin still got goosebumps while describing it.

See Corbin’s full story below –

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