“I’m Inevitable” – WWE Hall of Famer Edge Warns Roman Reigns Ahead of Money in the Bank Bout

Published 07/02/2021, 10:20 PM EDT

Last week on SmackDown, WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his shocking return to WWE in the main event. He went on a rampage against Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso in the arena.


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Following the return, WWE confirmed a title match between the Universal Champion and The Rated R Superstar. This week (7/2), Edge finally addressed the crowd on why he was back.


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In the opening segment, Edge started off by talking about the WrestleMania 37 triple threat match between him, Reigns, and Daniel Bryan.

He said the WrestleMania match was supposed to be the culmination of a 10-year story of winning the title on the day he retired. He envisioned so much about the match that he thought he would be successful, but it did not happen.

The loss was so shocking that he had to take some time to reflect. For the first time, Edge also looked back at the match looking for what went wrong.

Edge went on to say he could blame Daniel Bryan or Jey Uso, and it would be justified. But, while the 2006 Edge would’ve complained, the 2021 Edge had to understand there will always be excuses and obstacles.

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Edge is confident about beating Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank

The 2021 Edge had more obstacles in front of him. However, he was sure about beating Roman Reigns this time and argued that even Reigns knew it.

He put a picture of him applying the Crossface on Roman with a bar at WrestleMania. When he returned next week, the dread on Reigns’ face was hard to miss.

Edge will beat Roman Reigns “I am the guy who’s got your number. I’m gonna beat you. It’s just a matter of when. I’m inevitable and I am gonna be the Universal Champion.


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It is unlikely that Roman would drop the title to Edge anytime soon. The reports also state Edge is actually here to compete with Seth Rollins. And he initial seeds of the feud have been planted already.

The stakes are really high for the MITB match between two icons. However, no stipulation has been added to it, but it might be added later on.

Do you think Edge would become a 12-time world champion at Money in the Bank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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