“I’m The Guy” – Kevin Owens Destroys Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman with Brilliant Promo on WWE Talking Smack

November 29, 2020 9:10 pm

Last week on SmackDown, Jey Uso tried to attack Kevin Owens with a steel chair. The assault was obviously ordered by Universal Champion Roman Reigns. However, Uso got a taste of his own medicine as KO assaulted him and issued an open challenge to the Tribal Chief.

After SmackDown was over, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton welcomed Owens to Talking Smack. Heyman, the associate of Reigns, wanted to have a word with Owens.

Heyman said he respected Owens for his “violent,” “scumbag” nature. He said he was looking forward to the “fight” between Owens and Reigns.

Heyman offered to handshake, and Kevin Owens was visibly disgusted. He then sent a chilling warning to Reigns and Heyman.

“You seem to relish in the fact that I’m sitting here in front of you tonight. After what I did on SmackDown last night, you seem to relish the fact that I’m sitting here in front of you today, almost like you think this is somehow going to be good for Roman Reigns.”

After years of following Heyman, Owens saw through his facade, “Because, Paul, as much as I respect you, as much as I admire you, as much as I’ve looked up to you for many years, I know you really only work for one person, and it’s not Roman Reigns; it’s you.”

Kevin Owens mocked Roman Reigns with his own words

For weeks, Reigns, Uso, and Heyman are treating SmackDown as their own backyard. Done with the family turmoils, Owens had to intrude for setting things in order.

If you think me getting involved in this – whatever you want to call it, this thing that you have with Roman Reigns is somehow going to be a positive for him – because you just said it right, ‘a champion is only as good as the contenders he puts down’.

Professional Wrestling: WWE SummerSlam: Roman Reigns entering the ring with his belt before Universal Championship match vs. Brock Lesnar at Barclays Center.
Brooklyn, NY 8/19/2018
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The interaction with Owens will not be good for Heyman, “because once Roman Reigns finds his b*lls again and stops having his cousin do his dirty work, I’ll be there. And you know what I am, Paul? I’m not a good guy; I’m not a bad guy, I’m ‘The Guy’ who beats Roman Reigns and takes his Universal Championship from him.” (h/t sportskeeda)

Roman said these exact words back in 2016. Coincidentally, he was the Universal Champion back then, and Owens, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and Sami Zayn confronted him.

After the exchange, Owens shook Heyman’s hand as the latter said he would deliver the message to Roman Reigns. He shook Owens’ hand as he feared getting “smacked.” Owens told him to do what he got to do.

From what we are seeing, the rivalry between Reigns and Owens is getting a good turn. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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