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New Day Break Down Into Tears in Emotional SmackDown Farewell

New Day Break Down Into Tears in Emotional SmackDown Farewell

The New Day left everyone with plenty of emotional moments and nostalgia on the season premiere episode of SmackDown. Tonight was the first episode of SmackDown after the 2020 draft and the final night for The New Day as a team.

Prior to their match, the trio walked out to the ring in their vintage style for the last time to give a farewell speech. As the fans cheered, Big E started the speech by admitting that after the last 6 years as a team, they had finally found the one thing stronger than the Power of Positivity – the damn WWE Draft.

Woods took his chance to thank The WWE Universe. He further thanked Big E and Kofi Kingston for taking him under their wing when he was nothing and gave him a chance to become something.

Last but not the least, Kingston thanked the WWE Universe. The fans posted multiple iconic New Day moments on social media. This could not stop Kingston from having a smile on his face.

They also spoke about the initial days of the group – the days that made them best friends and brothers. Big E ended the segment with his traditional “New Day rocks!” chant and the crowd joined in.

The New Day win their final match on SmackDown together

After many months, The New Day performed in the ring together. The match was dominated by both teams in parts, making it an evenly contested battle.

The tag team chemistry between the New Day was still as fresh as day one. However, going past Nakamura, Cesaro and Sheamus was never going to be easy.

As the match was reaching its end, Woods hit Nakamura with a missile dropkick. Sheamus clotheslined Woods to the floor but got headbutted by Kingston.

Post that, Big E and Woods hit Midnight Hour on Sheamus, with Big E pinning him for the victory and ending The New Day’s run on a happy note.

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