WATCH: Bianca Belair Lifts 330lbs Otis To Beat Bayley in an Exciting Obstacle Course on WWE SmackDown

January 23, 2021 8:43 am

Last week, on the premiere of Bayley’s talk show “Ding Dong! Hello”, the former Women’s Champion challenged Bianca Belair to an ‘obstacle course.’ Belair accepted the challenge, and the course was ready on this week’s episode.

Michael Cole welcomed the crowd to the “ultimate athlete obstacle course” as Belair and Bayley entered the fray. Bayley took over from Cole and became the host.

Bayley revealed the course is a time-bound challenge, and both women would have to outdo each other. She went first as she flipped a 400lbs tire and completed the challenge in 1 minute and 12 seconds. The challenge included carrying Chad Gable into a fireman-carry.

After she was done, she made sure Bianca had a course fit for the ‘EST of WWE’ and ‘fixed’ the course with a few more obstacles. However, Bianca aced it all as she flew through the challenges (including lifting Otis) in just 17 seconds.

After Bianca defeated Bayley in the first-ever obstacle course (in record time), the ‘Golden Role Model’ was not happy. She vented her frustration on Belair and slammed her into the basketball post.

Bayley and Bianca Belair are enjoying a great feud

After feuding with Sasha Banks for the most of 2020, Bayley needed a break from the title scene. However, WWE could not find a suitable opponent for her.

At that point, Bianca Belair entered the main roster and was repackaged as “WWE’s EST.” Both women started a frenemy-Esque rivalry as they often faced off against each other.

Bayley vs. Bianca, since then, has emerged as the second-best rivalry on WWE SmackDown. While Banks and a revamped Carmella fight for the title, the other duo keeps the fans hooked to the show.

After the vicious and unjust SmackDown beatdown from Bayley, Bianca might get a shot to get fair and square at Royal Rumble 2021. WWE could set up a singles match between the two.

Do you think Bianca vs Bayley is a good rivalry and could be made into the primary one on SmackDown? Let us know in the comments below.

Angana Roy

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