WATCH: Heel Roman Reigns Breaks Character after Hilarious Segment with Jey Uso

September 27, 2020 5:45 pm

Just a night before Clash of Champions 2020, WWE dropped the latest WWE Chronicle episode featuring Jey Uso. The episode is a walkthrough to all the moments leading up to the Universal Title match between him and champion (and cousin) Roman Reigns.

Among many things, the documentary showcased a heartwarming clip featuring the two cousins. It showed the conversation Jey was having during the muted backstage segment between him and the ‘Big Dog.’

Even though the duo is currently embroiled in a heated on-screen feud, the clip displayed their off-screen camaraderie. Once he was done talking about the match, Uso quickly shifted to dinner!

WWE is all about maintaining Kayfabe; however, in documentaries like these, fans get to see the actual faces of their favorite superstars.

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Jey Uso talks about Roman Reigns and his family in the new series

WWE Chronicle’s latest episode documents Jey Uso’s life. Coming from the reputed Anoa’i family, Uso’s life was always intertwined with wrestling. However, it was not his father Rikishi who brought him inside the world, but his uncle Umaga.

The documentary captured his sacrifice and dedication to his profession. Many family members including Rikishi, Jimmy Uso, Tamina, Roman Reigns as well as Jey’s two sons and wife, Takecia, made appearances.

He shared personal details about his family history, including how it was his uncle, the late Umaga, who forever changed the direction of his life by bringing him into the wrestling business.

Jey also credited his wife for his success as a wrestler. He praised the women that are married to pro-wrestlers and claimed that he would not be where he is if it was not for his wife.

Towards the end, Jey talked about wrestling Roman and how Roman is used to the ‘main event’ spot and pressure. While Uso misses his brother, he knows Jimmy will be watching from home and rooting for Jey.

After a scathing promo on SmackDown, Jey Uso is ready to take on his cousin. Although he has lived in the shadows all his life, he is ready to make a name for himself by winning the world title at Clash of Champions 2020.

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