WWE Doubles Down on Undertaker’s Retirement

Published 06/26/2020, 2:30 AM EDT

WWE has planned a special tribute for The Undertaker this week as the boneyard match will be re-aired on Friday Night SmackDown.


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The Boneyard match was the main event of WrestleMania 36 on the first night of the two-night event. The Deadman defeated AJ Styles in an epic battle.

This feud was born during the Super showdown in Saudi Arabia. The Undertaker entered last, replacing Rey Mysterio in the Tuwaiq Trophy match, and defeated AJ Styles without even taking off his coat and hat.


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Styles mocked The Undertaker next week on Raw during his match with Aleister Black. At Elimination Chamber, in a no DQ match, The Phenom interfered to cost Styles the match.

On the following night, The Phenom would interfere again during Styles’ match with AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal one would go on to Challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Styles would call the Deadman by his real name Mark Calaway.

He would also bring out his personal life during promos. He would take a dig at Calaway saying Michelle McCool manipulates him.

The Phenomenal One crossed all boundaries when he went on to say he would help McCool burn The Undertaker to the ground.

The boneyard match location was chosen by Styles which according to him is the place where Michelle McCool decided to bury Mark Calaway’s career.


“He’s Been Touched by An Angel”- WWE Hall of Famer Reveals the Driving Force Behind The Undertaker

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The retirement Of the Undertaker

This year, a documentary series on the life of the Deadman was released on the WWE Network. Undertaker: The Last Ride is easily the most-watched show ever, in the wrestling world.

The documentary showed the real man behind this larger than life persona. It also showcased the ups and downs in the life of a professional wrestler.

The final episode could arguably be the most trending episode ever. The Phenom shared that he had no desire to return to the ring, signaling his decision to retire.

WWE confirmed on Twitter that the next edition of SmackDown will pay tribute to the Undertaker.



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This tribute on SmackDown definitely confirms the retirement of the Undertaker. However, Undertaker’s “never say never” words are the ones every Undertaker fan is holding onto.

WWE has seen various returns to the company even after life-threatening injuries. Edge at 2020 Royal Rumble, Shawn Micheals in 2019, Daniel Bryan’s epic return in 2018, and multiple Royal Rumble returns where legends came back.

One never knows the future. If ratings fall and the viewership drops, we may see the Deadman rise from the dead to save the boat once again.


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But until then, in Mark Calaway’s own words, “The cowboy really rides away.”




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