WWE SmackDown Results: Sami Zayn Loses His Championship, Daniel Bryan’s Shocking Announcement, Kevin Owens Suffers Another Defeat

Published 12/25/2020, 10:59 PM EST

On the last WWE SmackDown of 2020, the Blue Brand went all out. With back-to-back three title matches, this week’s Friday Night SmackDown was an interesting watch. Let’s look back at all the matches from the night.


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Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens at the beginning of WWE SmackDown

SmackDown kicked off with the steel cage match between Reigns and Owens. After a grueling fight at WWE TLC, Owens decided to give himself a last shot at the title inside the cage.


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Both men started with offenses. Reigns continuously went for the pin as Owens kept kicking out. Owens showed great bouts of athleticism with a cannonball and a Fisherman Splash from the top rope.

Reigns, too, fought well as he kept countering with superman punches and spears. After a while, both men tried to escape from the steel cage to win the match.

At this point, Jey Uso came rushing in. Just as Owens was ready to put his feet on the outside, Uso handcuffed him to the ring. KO looked on helplessly as the ‘Tribal Chief’ walked out smiling. Reigns retained the title and ended the year as the Universal Champion.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka retain their Women’s Tag Team titles in a triple threat elimination match on WWE SmackDown

The Queen‘ returned to SmackDown with ‘The Empress’ as they got ready to defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles. SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks teamed up with Bianca Belair while Bayley teamed up with Carmella.

All the women tried their best in the match as the ‘real’ tag team Riott Squad watched on from backstage. Bayley and Charlotte started things off in the match as Flair dominated the former Champion.

Soon, Asuka and Carmella fought in the ring before Banks tagged herself in by tapping Belair. At the same time, Charlotte entered the match through Carmella. The duo mocked each other for a while.

Towards the end, Banks came in and hit a frog splash to eliminate the heel team of Carmella and Bayley.

Belair and Banks gave a good fight before tragedy struck. Banks was taken out by Reginald, Carmella and Bayley. Belair fought to the very end before she gave out to Flair’s Natural Selection.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso on WWE SmackDown

Bryan and Uso got ready to settle unfinished business with each other in a singles match. When Bryans was making his entrance, Uso attacked him from behind.

Officials checked up on Bryan as the match started. Uso quickly went for the offense with back-to-back strikes like Samoan Drop and chops.

Bryan came through with offenses as he worked on the leg of Uso. Uso hit a Uso Splash but hurt his leg once again. Taking advantage of the situation, Bryan applied the Yes Lock followed by a knee.

Bryan secured the victory via pin-fall. After the match, Bryan announced his entry into the Royal Rumble match next year.

Big E defeated Sami Zayn in a Lumberjack match

The main event of the night was literally a huge contest. The SmackDown men’s locker room gathered around the ring for a lumberjack match.

Sami Zayn tried to leave the match mid-way to keep his title, but the Lumberjacks would not let that happen. From the very beginning, Big E dominated Zayn.

The heels often attacked Big E when he fell to their side. However, the faces saved the day.


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Towards the end, a big brawl broke out between the Lumberjacks. Taking advantage of the situation, Zayn tried to escape from the match, but the face Lumberjacks soon caught and carried him back to the ring.

Zayn was then attacked repeatedly, while E was unstoppable as he hit the big ending to win the title.


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Let us know your favorite moments from this year’s last SmackDown in the comments below.


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