WWE Fans Disappointed After Lana Becomes the Sole Survivor of Raw vs Smackdown Match at Survivor Series

November 23, 2020 9:52 am

Just like the past few weeks on Raw, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler showed no faith at all in Lana before the match. Jax ordered all her teammates not to tag Lana as she was kept far from the team meeting.

Danger bells were ringing for Raw as team SmackDown looked like one happy family. Self-proclaimed captain Bayley started the match with Lacey Evans.

As mentioned above, Jax had told all her teammates not to tag Lana in. However, the ‘Ravishing Russian’ tagged herself in.

Her teammates kept scolding her and told her to tag herself out, which she eventually did. Jax then told Lana to stay away from ringside and the latter stood quietly on the steps, obeying Jax’s orders.

As the match reached its end, it came down to Bianca Belair vs Nia Jax, with Lana still standing like a statue on the steel steps. Jax and Belair went all guns blazing at each other as Lana held back tears on the steps.

An enraged Jax put Belair through the announce desk. Bianca fought hard and put Jax over the barricade. Unfortunately, Belair and Jax could not beat the 10-count.

That meant both women got eliminated and Lana was the sole survivor. Lana survived and won it for Raw by almost no contribution. Maybe, her staying away from the ring was the best tactical contribution for team Red.

WWE Universe displays their frustration after Lana becomes the sole survivor

Here are the reactions of the WWE Universe.

What an absolute embarrassment of an ending. Bianca’s star was born and they FUCKED IT UP by an god awful ending to a GREAT #SurvivorSeries match to make Lana a “sole survivor”…

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