Roman Reigns Frustrated With Team Smackdown’s Disappointing Loss at WWE Survivor Series 2020

November 23, 2020 7:55 am

Roman Reigns has a lot on his plate tonight at WWE Survivor Series in the form of Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, his cousin Jey Uso didn’t make life any easier for him.

Survivor Series opened with the traditional men’s SmackDown vs Raw elimination tag team match. It was a whitewash as Raw won without a single member being eliminated.

The Tribal chief wasn’t happy by this showing of SmackDown. After the Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn match, The Usos were backstage with Paul Heyman.

Jey started speaking about earlier events. Reigns walked in and gave a mouthful to Jey for the loss of SmackDown. Jimmy asked Reigns to give Jey a break but The Tribal chief told him he wasn’t needed there and told him to get out.

Reigns accused Jey of not being able to control team SmackDown. He claimed that if they didn’t respect SmackDown, that means they don’t respect Reigns, and if they don’t respect the latter, they don’t respect the family.

As Reigns went on about family, he told Jey if people cannot respect him then there is no place at the table for him. Reigns then told Jey to find his brother and get out of ‘his’ arena as he didn’t have time for losers.

Roman Reigns felt the family was insulted at WWE Survivor Series

The five-man inter-brand traditional men’s tag team match opened the PPV tonight. While the Raw team was not on the same page, they certainly weren’t a pushover.

Every team member of Raw got an elimination tonight. Sheamus got the easiest one as Seth Rollins sacrificed himself in a shocker.

The next two eliminations happened in the space of a minute. Braun Strowman later got rid of Otis, leaving Jey Uso alone.

Credit where it is due, Uso was the lone warrior and sacrificed life and limb for the blue brand. However, that wasn’t enough as Raw won with Keith Lee eliminating the latter.

Team Raw got the win and in some style. The fallout from this will not be sweet for the SmackDown members.

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