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Jey Uso Once Told Roman Reigns Recently Released Wrestler Was WWE’s ‘Next Big Star’: “Big Uce Asked, ‘Who’s Next Uce?’”

Published 09/22/2023, 10:52 AM EDT

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Something that the fans have been dreading for a long time has finally happened. WWE started laying off wrestlers from the roster following the merger with UFC. The list of names released included notable stars such as Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin. Many have criticized WWE for letting go of a number of stars that have proven to have great potential. In fact, one star was even praised by Jey Uso in front of the legendary Roman Reigns.

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Just getting a mention in front of The Tribal Chief is nothing less of a feat and that is exactly how this star felt when he heard about it.

Who did Jey Uso predict to be the next big star?


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For upcoming stars in the WWE, getting accepted by the guys in the big league is as important as getting a fan’s approval. Once you get a nod from the old timers, you know it’s smooth sailing from there on out. That’s exactly how Mace and Mansoor felt when they started hanging out with The Usos and The New Day.

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and The Usos had helped in advising the duo on how to improve as wrestlers. They would often joke around, but when it came to work, they would monitor them closely. So much so that during one tour, The Usos praised the Maximum Male Models and said they should be calling the shots.


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On that same tour, Uso told Mansoor that he put in a good word for him in front of Reigns. While narrating the incident on a live Twitch stream recently, the released Mansoor said, “And we get into the lobby and he pulls us in and he looks at me and goes ‘Hey Mansoor, you one of the best guys here. You know when Big Uce (Roman Reigns) asked who’s next Uce? I said ay, Mansoor’s next’. I was like really? Me? And then he looks over at Brennan and goes ‘ay and Brennan, you low key big af’. Yeah, Usos are the best!”

With Mansoor getting a shout-out from someone in the big leagues, it might not take long for the star to return to the ring. Especially if rivaling promotions happen to notice what Jey Uso noticed.

Similarly, other released stars have also been receiving praise from fans and stars alike. Two WWE icons voiced their appreciation for Dolph Ziggler, who had been released from the promotion after 19 years.

Dolph Ziggler was let go from the WWE

The WWE-UFC merger has had several highs and lows already. The merger has resulted in several executives getting their pockets lined. However, TKO Group Holdings’ stock fell by more than 12% and WWE had to let go of over a hundred employees, including several up-and-coming stars. Obviously, the decision has not been met with positivity. Especially as the promotion decided to get rid of 2-time WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler. Just like his fans, several WWE stars who once shared the ring with Ziggler were equally disappointed.



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John Cena paid respect to Ziggler by tweeting the total number of matches he had wrestled in, 1554. Dwayne Johnson also expressed his shock and praised Ziggler for his achievements in the business after nearly two decades of service to WWE.


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With stars like Mansoor and Ziggler released, we may see them in the ring again as rival promotions start picking them up. What do you think about Jey Uso’s comment on Mansoor? Do you think Mansoor will be back in the ring again soon?

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