Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars who came out of WWE because of his babyface run in the 80s. However, he has wrestled for companies apart from WWE, such as AWA, WCW, NJPW, and TNA or IMPACT Wrestling.

The wrestling fans remember Hogan’s run in TNA as the last time he laced his boots. During his time there, everyone thought the company was going to progress to a greater stage. However, former TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong did not have the same thought while Hogan’s TNA debut.


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Recently, Awesome Kong, also known as Kharma for her short run in WWE, appeared on Inside the Ropes. There she shared her thoughts regarding the disappointment she felt when Hulk Hogan debuted for TNA. She felt Hogan didn’t want to promote TNA.

Kong said, “So they had a press conference on the steps of Madison Square Garden. They had this big deal and it was like, ‘Yay!’ A few hours later, Hulk Hogan goes on Larry King and he doesn’t even mutter the word, or the initials TNA.”

She added, “He doesn’t mention TNA, nothing, which got my spidey senses up. I’m like, ‘Wait, that’s weird, three hours ago, you just had this big press conference, did he get hit in the head too many times? Was that a senior moment that Hulk Hogan just had?”

It also saddened the former Knockouts Champion to see American Idol announcing Hogan as a former WWE star while being in TNA. She claimed this happened all the time and The Hulkster never talked about TNA, a company in which Kong made a major career.

Moreover, she recalled everyone sacrificed for TNA to pay huge money to The Immortal One. The major fact that upset Awesome Kong is that even though he was paid huge money, Hogan didn’t promote TNA outside of the company, wherever he went.

TNA paid their wrestlers less because of signing Hulk Hogan

A few years back, fans considered TNA a direct competition to WWE every week. The product differed from WWE and the fans loved to tune in for weekly shows to witness. However, in this interview, Awesome Kong says after TNA signed Hulk Hogan, other wrestlers had to sacrifice.


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She said, “I don’t mind sacrificing if we are all in [this] together, and in the beginning of TNA, we were all in it together. But then the people that built up TNA were not getting the dividends that were due, and that was when the cracks started to show.”


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Kong left TNA sometime after Hogan debuted. In 2010, besides The Hulkster, former WCW president Eric Bischoff also joined TNA. Many have hailed this as the peak of TNA’s failure, with their debut bringing nothing but a terrible product.

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