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Brock Lesnar has to be one of the most feared wrestlers at WWE. He had earned his name as The Beast Incarnate due to his physique. Apart from that, his strength and agility contributed to the fact that he is not someone to be messed with. Although the 46-year-old star was last seen at SummerSlam in 2022, fans have been wondering of his whereabouts. While fans were awestruck by his power, Joe Rogan, in particular, was a big fan of his imposing nature.

Joe Rogan hypes up Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar made his professional debut in the UFC back in 2008. After his entry, he quickly rose to fame as a formidable mixed martial artist at the promotion. By the time he won his third match at the organization, he became the Heavyweight champion. During the same time, Joe Rogan made a name for himself as a commentator and interviewer at the UFC. One time when Lesnar was entering the ring, Rogan creatively introduced the star.


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He started by introducing him as the UFC’s heavyweight champion. Rogan also commented on the fact that how effortlessly Lesnar shoved away a cop who was present there for security reasons. He then said, “ A 1000 years ago the only way you saw a guy like this is if they came up your shore in a boat and then you ran”. The American podcaster implied that the Conquerer is someone who has come alive straight from the history books and the masses should keep Lesnar in their minds. Brock Lesnar had a commendable run at UFC with 5 wins and 3 losses. He was the UFC Heavy Weight Champion for almost 700 days.

Many opponents were scared of the star due to his towering physique and muscle mass. But the people who have worked close to him see him from a different perspective.

The Beast Incarnate’s true side


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Former WWE star Bruce Pichard was the brain behind most of Brock Lesnar’s backstage scripts. During one such shooting, things took an ugly turn and Pichard met with an accident. He ended up breaking his nose. Brock Lesnar rushed to the scene to check up on his friend. After seeing his condition, he and Big Show escorted Pichard to his room. Later on, Lesnar sent an unexpected gift to his friend.

Lesnar felt bad because Pichard suffered an injury while shooting his scene, So as an apology, he got him crabs and lobsters from his favorite place along with a note which read, “Sorry for breaking your face”. This showed fans that he has a soft corner too. Apart from that, he was with The Undertaker when the star suffered a concussion during an event with Lesnar. The star made sure that he would be by his side until he was discharged from the hospital. 


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What do you make of Rogan’s creative way of introducing Lesnar?

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