Dwayne Johnson is one of those celebrities who interacts frequently with his fans. ‘The Great One’ has attracted immense adulation for the lifestyle he promotes. The Rock‘s love of exercise and fitness is the one thing that has remained constant throughout his life. His followers are familiar with the videos of him clangin’ and bangin’ at The Iron Paradise.  

And now, the toughest ones among his fans can gain the opportunity to display their strength and win brand-new BSR3 running shoes. The exercise shoes, which were introduced in February of this year, are co-branded with Project Rock and UFC. 

Dwayne Johnson throws a Project Rock challenge to promote UFC 290


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UFC 290 emanated from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The main event saw a featherweight title fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Yair Rodriguez, with the former coming out on top via TKO in round 3.

In a bid to promote the event in Las Vegas, Dwayne Johnson, and UFC fighter Michael Chandler have created the Iron Paradise Dip Challenge for fans. The challenge is taking place at the Vegas Convention Center. 

The Rock took to Instagram to reveal that Michael Chandler banged out around 35 to 40 reps. Fans who are able to beat Chandler’s number will be presented with a limited edition of UFC BSR3 training shoes. Johnson wrote, “My brother @mikechandlermma created #IronParadiseDipChallenge and I’m sending out your new limited edition UFC BSR3’s  to the winners who beat his score”


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Johnson also relayed the names of the winners who were able to beat Chandler’s number on Day 1. With Day 2 underway, more and more fans are flocking to the Project Rock booth at the Vegas Convention Center. Additionally, the fans also have the chance to meet their favorite UFC fighters and coaches at the UFCX expo. 

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Johnson also noted that a fan could complete 72 dips, far exceeding Chandler’s total. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see if The Rock reveals the names of the winners of Day 2. But what we do know is how the Hollywood actor maintains his triceps in perfect shape.

Dwayne Johnson’s tricep dip exercise is a total tricep crusher

Let’s face it, Dwayne Johnson arguably has the best physique in Hollywood. While other stars change their looks from time to time depending on their roles, Johnson only gets bigger and bigger. 


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While Johnson’s entire workout routine is the most talked-about topic related to him online, his innovative way to maximize his tricep gains just takes the cake. 

Johnson is famous for incorporating chains into his tricep dips. The Hercules actor uses around 40 pounds of chains to overload his muscles. And after every set, he reduces the weight and slows down the eccentric contraction of the movement. 

Using chains also helps with core stability, aside from progressive overload. 


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