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The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar has overseen unprecedented levels of success in his two-decade-long combat sports career. He not only dominated the wrestling world but also the MMA juggernaut UFC. Coming from a humble background such as Lesnar’s, it’s never easy to reach the top echelons of any industry. His persistent hard work and dedication to the craft have seemed to make all the difference. It has, however, come at a cost of many sacrifices on the personal front.

Lesnar has had to endure many a struggle to succeed on the professional front. And he has come out on top of any challenges that life has thrown at him.


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But the WWE superstar does have certain regrets when it comes to his siblings. In his 2011 autobiography, Death Clutch, Lesnar explained how his career development overshadowed those of his brothers and sisters.

Brock Lesnar shared his regrets

In one of the excerpts of the book, he wrote, “I was the third of four children, and I feel bad for my siblings because most of the time I was the center of attention. My two older brothers, Troy and Chad, were standout athletes in their own right but chose not to pursue sports as a career.” 

Over time, they became known as Brock’s brothers. My poor little sister, Brandy, was a very good athlete too, and she excelled at basketball, volleyball, track, and any other sport she decided to play. But no matter how well she did, she still had to live in the shadow of her big brother Brock.” further wrote the 6-time world champion.


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The Conqueror did leave a lasting impression on the world, which many athletes can only dream of. His stellar career features accolades of many kinds that previously might have been brushed off as unachievable for an individual.

Holding the top prizes both in the UFC and the WWE is a feat that can only be attained by a person having special abilities. And Lesnar certainly possessed those abilities that catapulted him to the summit.


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Besting The Deadman

Winning the top titles of two different promotions is no mean feat. And to top that all off, Lesnar broke the 21-match WrestleMania winning streak of WWE legend The Undertaker. The fact that The Phenom handpicked The Beast to be the one in 21 and one speaks volumes about his work ethic.


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Brock Lesnar, through his own admittance, has expressed regret to have in some ways hampered the athletic careers of his siblings. And it’s normal to question one’s growth if it has somehow come at your dear one’s cost. Such kind of feelings may create a level of self-doubt in an athlete’s mind and affect their careers. However, Lesnar took it as a motivation and knew that he had no other option than to succeed.

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