The world of combat sports is a brutal one. While the higher you go, the higher pay you get in this realm, but this also means brawling with the best fighters. Currently, these top fighters fight in the octagon of UFC under the helm of its President Dana White.

A controversial and former UFC figure, Matt Riddle has recently admitted that he could easily go back to the Dana White-led company. The ex-WWE star revealed that he is neither afraid nor hesitant to fight and would actually make a great fit in the UFC. In fact, Riddle also mentioned that he doesn’t mind the octagon as long as he gets top dollar for it.

Matt Riddle recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet Podcast where he spoke about getting a call from Dana White. He said, “I’ll talk to anybody, I don’t mind… (but) I don’t think he would take my call, and I don’t blame him. I mean, he’s got a lot going on.” While he stated this, Riddle also mentioned what would make White take his call.

He added, “If I fought 10 times or maybe 5 times, and I knocked out 5 people in a row right now, and I’m like, I’m the best in the world, I think I might get a call.” Do you think Riddle should go back to the UFC? Or would you like to see him in WWE again? Drop your take in the comments.

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