36-Year-Old WWE Superstar Wants Logan Paul Out of the Company While Exposing the Social Media Star as an Opportunist: “…He’s Not for Me”

Published 02/09/2023, 7:00 AM EST

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Logan Paul returned from a torn knee at the Royal Rumble this year. He entered the men’s rumble match at #29 and eliminated Seth Rollins, who entered at #15. Since then, the atmosphere between the two stars has been tense.

Every time anyone mentions Paul, who trolled Rollins after eliminating him at Royal Rumble, The Visionary makes sure to give a piece of his mind to the social media influencer. For instance, The Man recently took a jibe at The Maverick for having a lack of “passion” for wrestling. The Visionary stated Paul is in WWE just for his “own gain.” 

Seth Rollins says Logan Paul is not the guy


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On the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Rollins joined Pat McAfee as his guest for the show. During the show, both the stars talked about various talking points among which the main topic of discussion was Logan Paul. The show host mentioned the American media personality’s iconic move from Crown Jewel last year when he frog-splashed Roman Reigns from the top rope with a selfie camera in his hand.

The two-time WWE Champion, who doesn’t see eye to eye with The Ultimate Influencer, claimed Paul’s move did not impress him at all. He added he doesn’t need “a selfie camera” to make himself “look good.” WWE superstars have cameramen whose “job” is to “shoot” them during their fight.


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Rollins took a shot at the YouTuber by saying, The guy doesn’t care about anything but himself.” However, The Aerialist confessed he respects The Ultimate Influencer because he “hustled” his way “to get where he is at” right now, but also stated that he doesn’t have one thing that the WWE superstars have and that is “passion.” 

The two-time Universal champion issued a warning to the American media personality to stay away from his business, and if he dares to step in his way, he is going to get “creamed”. The 225 lb superstar added he will gladly accept the outsider if he “loves” the wrestling business and wants to “give back and contribute” to the industry.

Rollins doesn’t like Paul


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Rollins claims Paul is an opportunist and is in WWE only for “himself.” He states he wants the YouTuber out of the company if he is only going to “leech off” of it.


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“You can love him all you want. He’s polarizing, but he’s not for me. He’s just not my cup of tea,” Rollins added. If the vlogging star has something to say about the inaugural NXT Champion, it should be to his face. The Visionary is an easy guy to find. He is at Raw every Monday night, grinding and respecting the business.


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