Jim Ross, also known as “Good ol’ JR, is one of the most prolific commentators in pro-wrestling history. He is the wrestling celebrity who made the attitude era memorable through his commentary. His commentary is considered otherworldly by all the wrestling fans. His most memorable call to action is The Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell match. 

Jim Ross, who was WWE commentator for almost 15+ years, left the company in 2013. Later, in 2017, Jim Ross signed a two-year contract with WWE. He was on the commentary table at WrestleMania 33 for the No Holds Barred match between The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns. In his last run in WWE, Ross was commentating only for special events.


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In a recent sit-down, he explained the reason why he left the company in 2013 and why didn’t he renew his contract in WWE in 2019.

“Well, they pretty much written me off. I think saying it, they thought I was too old and uh, it was Vince’s call totally. So that’s what he wanted to get younger, and that did not include me. So it’s all they were talking about earlier in the show about these uh cuts this termination. Come on, I don’t understand that. I’ve done it and I’ve been there.”

“So it’s a per you see those uh in the box scores how freaky you guys stats I’m crazy about them where it says did not play coach’s decision. My deal was ‘Did not announce the boss’s decision’. Simple as that.”

The 2007 WWE Hall of Famer Ross nowadays provides commentary on the Independent wrestling promotions and also he is a commentator and senior advisor in AEW. In October 2021, Ross announced he was detected with skin cancer. After three months, by the end of December 2021, Ross announced he was cancer-free now and is ready to hit the commentary table once again.

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Jim Ross appreciates AEW President Tony Khan

Since 2019, Jim Ross is now a commentator and senior advisor at AEW. He surely loves working in the company. AEW in a short while has become the second-best pro-wrestling company in the world. Jim Ross mentioned how he is happy to sit at the table and provide commentary with Tony Schiavone after 34 years. The last time both men commentated together was for WCW back in the early 90s.

On asking how it feels to be working under Tony Khan. Ross replied, “Anyway it’s been a fun ride. Tony Khan facilitates that Tony Khan is a big fan of Tony’s. Tony is a big fan of mine and I think he kind of living the dream right now. I know I am, I love it. He lets us work, he’s not in our ear he’s not cursing, he’s not yelling and screaming and acting possessed.”


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“He just treats people really good and the better you treat people, the more they are gonna invest in makin your business better. They’re no pissed off all the time or frustrated. Negative energy, negative energy that’s not telling me. So it’s good for us.”

He also addressed a quality about Tony Khan, like how anyone doesn’t need to make an appointment to reach him. We can find Tony near the coffee machine or around the arena. Tony is surely a passionate wrestling fan. 


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It seems we are going to see more of Jim Ross’ commentary in the future. After reuniting with his old commentary partner Tony Schiavone, a more enthusiastic commentary is what we will be getting as fans. Jim Ross will always be a commentary legend and the “Voice of Pro-Wrestling”.

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