“The Rock Has Nothing on You Buddy”: Fans Pour In Love As Batista Gets Emotional on 54th Birthday

Published 01/19/2023, 7:30 AM EST

Batista just turned 54 and fans can’t stop expressing their admiration for the talented American actor and retired professional wrestler.


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The 2-Time WWE Champion served as a wrestler from the year 2002 to 2019. And during his days in WWE, The Animal wrestled with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, Rikishi, and several more WWE talents.

Celebrating his 54th birthday, The Glass Onion actor shared a tweet to show his gratitude for the wrestling company and his beloved fans.


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Batista thanks his fans on his birthday tweet

On the special occasion of his birthday, The 4 -Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion went on to his Twitter handle to post heartfelt thanks to his fans for showering him with their constant love. He claims that whatever he is today is because of the support of his beloved fans.

The ex-wrestling star tweeted, My birthday is the perfect time to reflect on the past & how far I’ve come. This moment will always be special. Winning @WWE Championship at #Wrestlemania is something I’ll never forget & I’m forever grateful for all the love & support. I’m not who I am today without this moment.”

Upon this, fans showered the star with hearty comments on his post.

Batista’s brutally honest opinion about Cena

Evolution’s Animal Beast exposed WWE for favoring John Cena all the time. In a recent interview, The Guardians of the Galaxy star revealed to the WWE Universe that the company was biased toward him during his wrestling days.

The talented actor stated that the company would run toward The Champ with any big or small project without even considering him, even when both of them had equal potential. The 3-Time World Tag Team Champion felt WWE was not providing him with “equal opportunities” as The Prototype.

He made several scathing attacks on The Face that runs the Place, stating that The 16-Time World Champion doesn’t care about “the boos or t-shirts”

The Animal threatened his boss once


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Typically, people refrain from picking a fight with their bosses. But The 290-pounder does not come under that category. He once threatened his boss for his girlfriend.


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In a podcast, Kelly Bolin, then-manager of Ohio Valley Wrestling, revealed how Batista intimidated him when he made a joke about his then-girlfriend. While going to a baseball game, the Army of the Dead star asked for a lift from his then-boss, Bolin.


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Bolin, as a joke, said about wanting to take “cute little girl” Angie instead of The Animal. This somehow offended the star, and he then warned his boss to never hit on his girlfriend ever again.

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