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Xbox Calls Social Media Accounts of Popular Games a ‘Standard Procedure’

Xbox Calls Social Media Accounts of Popular Games a ‘Standard Procedure’

It’s well known that an array of games will make their debuts throughout the year. It seemed as if Microsoft too had a few surprises for Xbox up their sleeves. However, Microsoft put all rumors to rest just hours later. 

The rumors were first bought to light by some fans. Pretty soon Verge Journalist, Tom Warren noticed the same. 

Fable, an action role-playing game takes place in a fictional nation of Albion. Players take control of an orphaned boy who sets out to find what happened to his family. On the other hand, Perfect Dark is set in the backdrops of an interstellar war between two alien races. The game was received well by critics all over. Both games were part of Xbox 360 consoles.

New games en route?

Tom Warren noticed that there were two accounts on Twitter that could hint at Microsoft’s new games. The two games being some fan-favorite titles; Perfect Dark and Fable. 

In addition to this, the Perfect Dark account was followed by Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Microsoft. Lobb is also the former Perfect Dark developer. Another interesting find was the Fable account being registered to a Microsoft email address. 

Soon after another fan confirmed that both Fable and Perfect Dark accounts have the same email address.

Microsoft snubs rumors for Xbox games

The marketing director of Xbox cleared all rumors by stating that the accounts have been active for years. He starts off by apologizing for getting everyone’s hopes high.

“it’s standard practice to secure social handles for our IP,” noting that the accounts “have been inactive for years”, Greenberg added.

The accounts however show that they were created in 2020. So, for Greenberg to come out and say they have been there for years is confusing. The standard procedure to register their games is understandable. However, why register them now?

Later, a fan came forth claiming that the Fable account was created by him. He further added that he himself was surprised seeing a request from Ken Lobb.

The mysterious elements still remain. Both accounts were under the name ‘Placeholder’ and both were locked. 

Microsoft could be covering up their tracks. They might want to hold this off till the games are ready for announcement. Losing that surprise element would not keep the fans on the edge of their seat. All said we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation to speak further. 

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