Xbox Fans Mistakenly Order Xbox One X Instead of the Xbox Series X

September 23, 2020 5:33 pm

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen console while the Xbox One X is the current gen console. The similarity in both the names has caused some confusion among casual fans. This is not the first time that similar names have caused such chaos in the gaming markets. Nintendo’s Wii and the Wii u had caused similar confusion among fans at the time of their release.

Let alone the fans, even Microsoft seems confused about its gaming consoles Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. Check out Tom Henderson’s tweet showcasing just that.

The Xbox One X was launched in 2017 and remains the most advanced console of Xbox’s current-gen. Moreover, Microsoft had discontinued production of One X in July 2020.

The Series X will launch in November and so the pre-orders for the next-gen machine are now live. However,  as soon as the pre-orders went live, the old console saw a hike of 747% in sales on Amazon.

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Is the Xbox Series X really a tough name to remember?

The current and next-gen Xbox gaming console names are Xbox One, One X, One S, and Series X, and Series S, respectively.

It is understandable that Microsoft did not want a very similar naming scheme to the PlayStation. But the repetitive use of X and S titles in their consoles can be really confusing to some. This is especially true of parents or other people who aren’t much into gaming but are ordering the console for someone else.

Also, the top two search results for “Xbox Series X” have almost similar images of the two gaming consoles with a black background.

Microsoft should come up with a better naming scheme, but there are other important things to do before that.

Microsoft should offer reparations for the customers who made the blunder

The tech giant has adopted a very open and transparent approach with the fans in recent times. This has certainly made the community happy as the corporation has become more approachable than ever before. hence, it is likely the company will take a considerate approach to this issue and help its customers out.

The Sony PS5 preorders were chaotic too, and Xbox didn’t hold back in taking sly digs at Sony after that. However, with these recent developments, even Xbox has some adjustments to make.

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