Xbox Follows the Lead of Other Companies in Holding the Annual FanFest

October 10, 2020 10:08 pm

Xbox FanFest was created with a passion to give back to our fans. It has been an amazing 6 years of in-person FanFest events. We dearly miss connecting with the Xbox community and sharing these experiences with you,” said Brina Hatcher, FanFest Lead, Xbox. The annual event has been a platform where Microsoft can interact with Xbox fans and get feedback on their games and consoles. However, given the situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, hosting a public event is going to be impossible. 

Companies like Blizzard and Sony have already switched to a digital platform to conduct their events. Following the lead of these companies, Microsoft has also announced that it will shift the annual FanFest to a digital platform. With this move, Xbox plans to include a much larger audience in the FanFest than ever before. Additionally, it also aims to provide exclusive opportunities to the fans who sign up for the event.

Xbox to open registrations for FanFest on October 12

Starting at 6 p.m. PT on October 12, fans can register at FanFest website. Brina added, “I am excited to share that we are expanding Xbox FanFest, adding digital exclusive experiences for fans to jump in and participate virtually in some really fun ways.”

Xbox plans to keep the registrations ongoing so that fans can sign up and opt for year-round exclusive experiences curated just for FanFest. However, fans need to be above 18 years of age and have an Xbox profile to participate in the fest.

All those fans who register for the event will unlock-

  1. Priority Access: This will allow fans to join the FanFest email list. Therefore, they will be amongst the first to hear about upcoming FanFest exclusives. Additionally, they will also have first-access to select Xbox events, experiences, and merch drops.
  2. Exclusive Access: Fans who register will have access to curated digital and physical experiences, and sweepstakes created just for FanFest.
  3. 100 Microsoft Rewards Points: Fans can earn 100 Microsoft Rewards points upon registration. Participation in exclusive experiences can often earn them additional points.

Finally, the first 25,000 participants will also have a chance to participate in an exclusive trivia contest. They just have to opt-in once they register for the FanFest.

Considering how the access to the previous events used to be limited due to a lot of fans not being able to travel, the online event will allow a lot of them to take part. Therefore, this could possibly be the biggest FanFest event yet.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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