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Xbox: Project xCloud on Game Pass raises Questions

Xbox: Project xCloud on Game Pass raises Questions

Come 15th of September 2020, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holders will have access to Project xCloud. Well if you are living under a rock, Project xCloud is the future of Xbox’s streaming on mobile phones and tablets. It has been in development for a while now and will ultimately release this September. It will be exclusive to Android users. They have to download the Game Pass app from Playstore to access the cloud.

That is not all, xCloud will be available only for Game Pass Ultimate Membership holders. It has the potential to stream up to 3500 games on cloud and an additional 1900 titles are reportedly on the way. xCloud will only release in ’22 supported’ countries at first. Here’s a list:

Czech Republic
South Korea
The United Kingdom
The United States

Well if you are currently residing in any one of these countries then expect to experience xCloud beta that will run this September. Others? Tough luck! Another problem that few have addressed is: what about iOS users? Well, Microsoft at this time is not very vocal about xCloud on iOS. The reason can also be Apple’s own Arcade which launched last year. xCloud can be a direct conflict to that and probably Apple isn’t going to partner with XBOX in this one anytime soon. Nonetheless, Microsoft has nothing to worry about as 51.8 percent of the mobile phone market in the USA at this point belongs to Andriod (according to statista.com).

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Is Mobile Gaming the future?

Popular website Statista claims,

” It was estimated that by the end of 2017 there will have been 2.1 billion mobile gamers worldwide, and this number is expected to further grow to 2.7 billion by 2021.”

That figure, when compared to the number of console gamers, is almost tiny. Statista claims by 2021 there will be 700 million console users worldwide. It is an easy guess why Microsoft decided to roll out into mobile gaming. From a financial standpoint, it is an excellent decision. This all leads up to the release of Xbox Series X later this year. All in all, looks like a happy year ahead for Microsoft (with a few sad existing Xbox patrons).

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