Xbox Series X: A White Controller Reportedly Confirmed?

August 10, 2020 7:15 pm

The Xbox Series X will soon have a launch date and price. But according to rumors, its lesser counterpart, the Xbox Series S or Project Lockhart might also be announced with it. The Series S is indeed a reality and this particular leak may have just confirmed it again. Oh, and we’re getting an all-white controller as well.

A Twitter user named ‘TinyRakan’ posted these photos.

Well, this confirms that we are indeed getting a white controller for the upcoming Series X. But take a close look at the back of the box. It shows that the controller is compatible with the Series X and S. This is yet another bit of info that confirms the existence of Series S.

Lockhart is still not officially announced by Microsoft. But this controller just about confirms it. We will probably see an announcement regarding the same soon enough. It is rumoured to have 7.5GB RAM, 4 TFLOPS GPU performance, and other specs similar to Series X.

A launch date for Xbox Series X/S to be announced in August?

An August event was also rumored earlier that will bring more Xbox news. It is possible that we will see an announcement for Lockhart at that event. This is when we can also possibly expect a launch date and price reveal for both the consoles.

Twitter user Zak S was reportedly able to purchase the new controller and even posted a video to prove it.

He even compared it to the Xbox One controller and the new one looks a little hefty. There is no visible difference between the two apart from the new ‘Share’ button.

This controller was also reportedly leaked earlier. It was posted by a Redditor who later had to delete the post. You can take a look at it here. The user also reportedly got a peek at the console that looked ‘squarish’. Lockhart’s leaked images fit this description perfectly.

Apart from this, Xbox also recently announced that its Xbox One controller will be compatible with the Series X. This was also a sly dig at Sony who announced that the DualShock 4 will not support the next-gen games on the PS5.

An announcement by Microsoft is imminent and we’ll have more news for you in the coming days. Stay tuned for more details.


Sources: TinyRakan Twitter Zak S Twitter

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